First Post!

Welcome to my very first post! I am very excited to be creating this blog. I am hoping it will be a great way to keep me accountable for my running, and especially healthy eating. I am also hoping to meet some wonderful people along the way!

Let’s start with introductions. I am a twenty-something who picked up running two years ago. It all started with a big misunderstanding! My older sister, who runs marathons and what-not, asked me to run a race with her. Not really thinking about it, I agreed. I figured, how much training do you really need to run a 5k? Well, apparently I’m not the greatest listener, because she actually said 5 miler! Well, I was away at my senior year of college and didn’t really give the race a second thought. When the big race day finally came, I decided to just wing the run. By some sweet miracle, I actually ran the entire race. My knees were on fire, my lungs burned, and my sister asked me repeatedly if I was going to make it. My competitive nature pulled me through to the finish! I paid for my poor preparation the next day, and the day after, and the day after that, and maybe even more. I try to block that out of my memory. After that brutal wake-up call, I decided to get fit and actually train!

I started with the Couch to 5k Program. That thing is a miracle worker! I downloaded the app to my phone and went to work. Before I knew it, I was actually running three miles on a regular basis. From there I was hooked. Since then, I have run multiple 5ks, 5 milers, and even some 10ks. This October I am taking the leap and running my first 10 miler! I can barely believe it. I have started training and so far things are going pretty well.

I think that sums it up pretty well for the first post. Please leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself!

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2 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. That’s the exact reason for me having a running blog myself. I’ve got “10 months to a new mom-me” while my daughter makes it through her first year of pre-school. 6 extra hours of free time while she’s in school has now turned into an obsession!

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