Running Clubs!


You might be wondering what a mimosa has to do with running. Well, let me tell you. I recently moved to a new state and was looking to meet some new people. The standard advice is to join some sort of club. And…that is some good advice!

After scouring the internet, running club websites, and Facebook groups, I found a women’s running group in my area. It sounded fantastic! I worked up the courage and showed up to the first meeting. I knew from that first meeting that this was the group for me. The ladies were all positive, upbeat, and passionate about running. They rejuvenated my love of running and motivated me to train harder. Best of all…they served mimosas after the run. I think I will be a lifetime member!

If all that was not perfect enough, I found someone training for the same race as me, (my first 10-miler!) that runs the same pace as me! Was I dreaming? Fortunately, not! 

Since joining the club, I have nearly doubled my mileage, and I noticed today that my mile pace had improved by almost 15 seconds! 

ImageWhile solo runs are great for reflection and some much needed “me” time, I also like the social aspects and motivation of group and partner runs. A little of both seems to be the perfect balance for me.

Are you in any running clubs? Do you have a great running partner? How did you meet them?




10 thoughts on “Running Clubs!

  1. Congrats on joining a running club! I LOVE my local track club! It’s amazing to have fun people to keep you motivated, be a resource for questions, and (the fun part) socializing afterwards. Running is fun when you know you’re going to meet up with friends, have a fun run, and grab food/drinks afterwards! 🙂

  2. Hooking up with like minded people when you are new in town is a must I think. Having at least one common bond makes meeting people so much easier (and more relaxed).
    Very cool that you found a partner at your pace! I also very much like having a running partner (I don’t at the moment but have for most of my running) as it really gets you out of bed if you know that someone is waiting for you to run and having someone to talk with can make the miles go by a lot faster. Currently I am just focusing on my next big race at the end of the year (my first 24 Hour) and it motivates me enough I guess to run alone.
    I am joining in on a race this Sunday and know a lot of the runners so it will be cool to have some people to talk with during it (it is a 6 Hour and 12 Hour).
    Best of luck in your new State!


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