Feel Good, Look Good!

workout clothes

Last night was a particularly brutal run. As part of my training group, Tuesday nights are interval training. Let me begin by saying, I have never done any sort of training before, let alone interval training. Usually, I am not too concerned with my pace. I basically just run to feel healthy and accomplished. Last night I really pushed myself. For part of the run we were supposed to do 400’s at a very fast pace for ourselves. Well, I did that, and man, do I feel it today. I do feel very accomplished though.

Anyways, I may have felt like I was dying, as I sprinted in outrageous humidity, but you can bet I looked good. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about workout clothes that I love. Maybe it is the bright colors, or maybe it is the spandex. For some reason, spandex just feels awesome, and usually looks flattering.

Recently I discovered that TJ Maxx has an amazing selection of workout clothes. (Let me add, I am not even being paid by TJ Maxx, and have no affiliation.) I made a trip to the local store Monday, and tried to control myself. I don’t think I went too wild, but you know I will be back soon. This time I scored:

  • Avia dry-fit short-sleeved t-shirt: $7.99
  • Champion Sports Bra: $9.99
  • New Balance Lightning Dry Capris (in a fantastic purple color): $15.00

I would say this was a great haul. I especially love the capris. I also happen to think a lot of sports bras are ridiculously overpriced, so I was very pleased to find this great one by Champion for under $10.

I already know I will be back because I have my eye on a beautiful headband. I actually picked it up and put it back twice. I have a complex about spending money apparently.  What do you like to wear when you workout? Do you have a favorite place to shop, or place with secret deals?



2 thoughts on “Feel Good, Look Good!

  1. I love getting new running clothes! It looks like you got some great deals! I usually look at the sale items at roadrunnersports, runnerswearhouse, or amazon. (I do most of my shopping online).
    Nice job with the interval run!

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