Balancing Your Workout

Pure BarreWhile running is a fantastic workout, I also like to mix things up with different workouts. Switching up my workout routine helps keep me motivated and keeps me from getting too bored with any one particular thing. As a former ballet dancer, I was instantly interested in Pure Barre when I heard about it. Don’t worry though, you do not have to know anything about ballet to take a class. In fact, I am guessing most people at the classes do not.

This workout meshes especially well with running because it focuses on muscle toning. You will definitely feel the effects the next day! I went yesterday, and I am definitely feeling the burn today.

IMAG1009Equipment you will need for the class (provided at the site) include hand weights, a ball, and some exercise bands. As the class progresses, you isolate different muscles with the various equipment. You really get a very well-rounded workout.

IMAG1010You also use mats to work on your core. There are a lot of exercises for the various abdominal muscles. I have never had my ab muscles shake before; that was an interesting experience. The instructors actually say, if your muscles aren’t shaking, you aren’t working hard enough!

Even though I am not affiliated with Pure Barre in any way, I would definitely recommend this hour long workout to any runner looking to increase flexibility and tone muscles. The price can be a little steep, but if you wait long enough, you can usually find some deals/specials. Sometimes they even post on Groupon or Living Social.

How do you balance your running with other types of workouts?




12 thoughts on “Balancing Your Workout

  1. Barre workouts seem really interesting. And how cool is it that you’re a former ballet dancer? I would definitely like to try barre workouts some day, if only I could find a place that offers it nearby.

  2. Ha, I have never had my abs shake too. I will have to look in to this. Usually I cross train with swimming because it helps get some of my upper body a workout. (most of the time I neglect my upper body)

  3. Amy! I love this. I’m going to have to try pure bar. I think we were thinking alike when we wrote our posts this week. Mine is on cross training too 🙂

  4. As soon as I’m done with the half marathon this year, I’d like to try some of these new classes I keep hearing about. Barre has definitely been one that keeps landing on my radar. Thanks for the quick overview of it! Now I just need more time in my week. Lol

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