Morning Workouts

miss adventures in runningHow will I fit running into my schedule? This is something I have struggled with over the last few years. What is the best time of day to run? The answer to that really depends on the person. Some people like to wake up early and get the run done with, or maybe they like seeing the sunrise. Others prefer to run after school/work and might enjoy catching a sunset.

In the past, I usually chose to run after work. This week I started my new teaching job and decided I wanted to switch things up. I decided that I would try and run before school. So far it has been working nicely, and I have actually kept to my schedule!

alarm clockI am sure many of you wake up way earlier than I do, but I am just starting with this. Baby steps! My biggest concern with working out before school was that I would be exhausted by the end of the school day. To be honest, I have felt energized by my morning runs. I think I would be tired at the end of the school day regardless of whether I got up early to run. At least this way, the run is already finished! I actually don’t remember how I had the energy to ever run after working a full day!

Since I live off a major state route, I feel very uncomfortable running by myself, outside in the dark. Luckily, there is a great gym in my apartment complex! Part of the reason I believe I have been so successful is that I do not give myself time to change my mind. I grab a banana as a quick breakfast and head out the door before I can even begin to think about quitting. (Sometimes I even sleep in the shorts I will run in!)

To keep the monotony to a minimum while I am on the treadmill, I listen to audio books, which I have been loving so far. Now don’t get me wrong, I still run outside with my running club. I do actually enjoy the outdoors, but safety is a priority!

Aside from personal preference, apparently there are actual benefits to working out before starting your day. Some claim that it boosts the metabolism and actually makes your mind more productive. Hopefully I notice some of those added benefits!

Also, apparently many, very successful people workout before beginning their day. Some of these people include the president of Starbucks and the creator of Twitter! If you want to read a great article about some of these early rising runners, click here.

So far, I definitely think I am hooked on morning runs.

What about you? When do you run and why?



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