Well… I’m Running a Half Marathon

It is official. I am registered for my first half marathon. I am unbelievably excited. I don’t know why I waited so long. Actually, that’s a lie. I waited so long because I was scared. For some reason I didn’t think I had 13.1 miles in me. After running 9 miles with my running club last Saturday, I finally decided I could do it. I am officially registered for the Philadelphia Half Marathon.
philly marathon
I really am excited. A little over 2 years ago, I couldn’t even run a mile without getting out of breath! Now, I will be running 13.1 miles! I have to say, my running club has been extremely motivating. They have really made me believe in myself and renewed my passion for running!

miss adventures in running

I am proud that I have stuck with my morning workouts now that school is in full swing. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought. Audio books are pulling me through. Currently I am reading Wuthering Heights. I particularly enjoy the narrator’s old English accents. They really add a lot to the story.

I am also enjoying the interesting people I see in the apartment complex gym that early in the morning. It is an interesting mix of business men, a women secretly running a personally training service, a man that runs in way too much clothing, and an eighty year old man. Today someone I have never met walked in and said, “We are all crazy for running at this hour!” It is almost too much entertainment to handle at 5:30 am. Then I think, I was missing all this before, while I was sleeping. The world had begun, and I was missing all the good stuff!

What races are you training for? Do you have any good stories from the gym?




20 thoughts on “Well… I’m Running a Half Marathon

  1. I’m so not a morning person. How is it possible to be at the gym at 5.30? I don’t understand this 🙂 great news on the half marathon entry, what date is it on?

  2. My ultimate goal is to run a whole 5k by St. Patty’s Day, but in the mean time I have a 5k to run/walk in November. I hope I’m like you and in a few years I can run like it’s nothing to think twice about. Right now I can do about 5 minutes without stopping, but my favorite is Intervals. I can get about 10 good minutes of fast running if I start and stop vs. just trying to do 10 minutes at once. We shall see…I;m about half way through a 5k training program so hopefully by the end I can get through 5k without stopping.

  3. I know the excitement and fear that you feel signing up for your first
    Half. I remember joining a training team and getting a training schedule
    and working really hard. I remember on mile 10 of that race there was a
    big hill and my legs felt like lead.. but there was no way I wasn’t going
    to give it my all those last 3 miles.
    Finishing was even more amazing than I expected! I called all my friends.
    You were right… if you can run 9 then you definitely can run 13 in 2
    Good luck in the training and I look forward to reading about your journey!


  4. I’m a morning person too but for some reason, I generally don’t have the “oomph” to run that early. Perhaps once I have a few more miles under my belt. I’m a newbie runner and I cannot wait for my first running half marathon (I attempted a walking half a few years ago) which will hopefully be next summer. Good luck!

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