It’s Been an Interesting Week

I cannot believe it is finally Friday! This has been a very full week! Brief overview:

Monday: Chiropractor consultation

Tuesday: Running Club

Wednesday: Review chiropractor results/Newton Running Clinic

Thursday: Back to School Night

Friday: Drive to Philly traffic in outrageous traffic and finally REST


Good thing I started running before school, because there definitely wasn’t a lot of time after school this week! First off, what do you all think of chiropractors? I had a free consultation with a local chiropractor this week because he posted some signs in my apartment building. Almost everyone in my running group swears by their chiropractor. I have minor aches and pains, but no serious injuries. I have headaches from time to time, but I always attributed them to too much screen time.


I figured a free consultation wouldn’t hurt, and I had them check out some shoulder and knee pain. The doctor checked out my shoulder and knee, but really did not say much. He then used a fancy computer and scanner to scan my entire spine. I figured it would be interesting to see the results. Since it was free, I didn’t really mind.

ImageLater in the week, I met with the doctor again to view the results. I like to try and keep an open mind, but my boyfriend seems to think this guy was trying to scam me. Before beginning, I filled out the typical medical history forms. The scan of my spine seemed to indicate that the areas out of alignment all matched ailments I listed as currently experiencing. For example, I have Crohn’s disease, it is mild, but definitely noticeable. According to this doctor, my spine just happens to be out of alignment in the areas that correlate to the intestines and colon. (which Crohn’s disease affects) Part of me wishes I hadn’t told the doctor all these details, then I would definitely believe him. (but we know you can’t not tell the doctor your medical history!)


I think there are a lot of great chiropractors out there, but I think the way this guy was trying so hard to get patients, and just his overall vibe, I feel like he might have been pulling my leg. What do you all think?

On a more exciting note, my running club invited Newton to come present a running clinic. It was awesome. We got to try out shoes and learned some really great techniques. The man from Newton talked about how to get your upper body to relax during your long run when you start tensing up and how to work on your cadence. I really learned a lot. I also liked the shoes a lot. They are really different. The man from Newton explained that so many shoes focus on cushioning in the heel, but newton provides cushioning under the toe that forces you to improve your running posture. I definitely felt it in my calves. I even had a charlie’s horse the next morning! It is a different feeling, but I think I liked it.

Does anyone out there love Newtons? Why do you love them?

Have you had positive experiences with a chiropractor? What do you see them for?




10 thoughts on “It’s Been an Interesting Week

  1. One thing I have read is that you could have minor issues with your spine (for example, a bulging disc) and not even have symptoms! I would worry that by doing a free scan this guy might be trying to fix things that aren’t really a problem. On the other hand, I think its important to make sure our bodies are balanced by stretching and strengthening and getting occasional adjustments to keep things in alignment. I would say an occasional adjustment is good prevention, but if you don’t feel like its helping any aches/potential injuries then its probably not worth going once or twice a week. Did he have any follow up recommendations?

    • He wanted to do several spine adjustments and had a 6 month plan in mind. I think it was just the overall vibe I got. I think I will take chiropractor suggestions from my running friends. I would feel more comfortable with someone people I knew trusted. It was an interesting experience none the less!

  2. Okay, first and foremost (as with every doctor) there are some amazing chiropractors out there and some not so amazing ones. I happen to work for one of the best chiropractors in the country (and I’m not just saying that, he goes and speaks around the country about the work he does). For years I swore off chiropractic despite having scoliosis BUT those scans are legit. It’s one of the things that’s blown my mind about chiropractic. I have severe scoliosis and my misalignments line up with all of the issues I’ve dealt with (migraines, daily headaches, stomach issues, asthma, “lady” problems). Since seeing my chiropractor, I am off asthma medication entirely, I haven’t used an inhaler in a year, I no longer get headaches every day but when I do they are more bearable and usually can be contributed to something else (stress, PMS, etc). If this chiropractor doesn’t feel right to you, keep looking because the work they’re able to do is seriously amazing!

    • I think it will be better if I take recommendations from my other running friends. I would feel more comfortable with someone other people trusted. I just didn’t like this guy’s vibe, but I am definitely interested in looking further into chiropractic medicine.

  3. I am extremely lucky to have found a phenomenal chiropractor that is extremely well respected and teaches around the country. He is no nonsense, tells it like it is and always does everything he can to make sure that you make race day. He also agrees that there are a decent amount of quack chiropractors that will rip you off.. and I have been to a couple. If they start of by saying “Ok here is the schedule I made out for you.. you will come in twice a week for 12 weeks and then we will reasses” Walk out the door and never come back. You could be cured a lot faster and he should let you leave when the work is done. Somethings only require 3-4 treatments.
    What he is awesome about is that he doesn’t just treat the spine (mine is pretty much fine) but also soft tissue injuries. I have hand different tendinitis in different areas and he was truly fixed me. The Graston technique (while sometimes quite painful) is a great way to get over things faster. I am a believer but only in the right ones. He is also an athlete himself and has treated 1000’s of athletes over the last couple of decades.
    I have some friends that run in Newton’s and they really like them but they are too much shoe for me. I am a huge believer in zero drop though and so Newtown is good for that.


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