A Week of Firsts

A Week of Firsts- Miss Adventures in Running

This week was full of many wonderful firsts. To begin with, the week started off with my first ever trip to Whole Foods. This was quite the experience. I had a basic idea of what I was walking into, but actually experiencing it is much different! I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful choices, and by the prices! I will admit that I liked the selection of items a lot, but I really liked all the delicious free samples! (Guacamole and chocolate cake!)

A Week of Firsts- Miss Adventures in RunningHere is a picture of my haul. It was a small trip, mostly focused on the experience.  I love apple cider this time of year and have a long list of baked goods to make using pumpkin. I had never tried this pumpkin granola, but I am officially obsessed! I also love some fine Parmesan cheese, and lastly I had a coupon to try some Clif bars. I had never had Clif bars before, but a running friend recommended I eat them before our Tuesday night run, and with the coupon, I just couldn’t pass them up.

A Week of Firsts- Miss Adventures in RunningSo far, I have tried the Black Cherry Almond. It was absolutely delicious. I love how moist the fig makes the bar! I can’t wait to try the other ones!

A Week of Firsts- Miss Adventures in Running

I also got an incredible deal on weights at TJ Maxx. I really love that store. I don’t know why I ever bought anything full price before! I have started doing some workouts, but would love any suggestions for exercises. The leader of my running club recommended we all practice “running arms” to work on our form and strengthen our core, so  I have been doing a little of that.

A Week of Firsts- Miss Adventures in RunningSpeaking of my running club, I had the greatest run of all time on Tuesday! (Well, at least for me!) I usually average a 10:00 – 10:30 mile pace when I am out on my long runs. Tuesday was supposed to be devoted to speed training, so I really pushed myself, and look what I accomplished! I am so proud of myself. The motivation from all the girls at the club really helped. It is starting to feel like family. Joining the club was definitely one of my best decisions since moving.

A Week of Firsts- Miss Adventures in RunningAnd now, I will end with the greatest chocolate muffin recipe of all time. I tried this for the first time this week, and my boyfriend didn’t even notice there was anything different. He actually liked them! I cannot tell him that they don’t have any flour, oil, or butter. If he ever found out, he would swear he could tell, but honestly you can’t. The muffins are moist and delicious. Here is the recipe! Enjoy!

Have you had any firsts lately? Do you know any great exercises with weights?



20 thoughts on “A Week of Firsts

  1. Clif Bars! My staple food for ultras. How I love them 🙂 plus they have none of the weird hydrogenated stuff other bars have in them. Um, I know quite a few weight routines but don’t really know how to explain in a comment! A good shoulder work out is 10 front arm raises, followed by 10 upright rows, followed by 10 upright rows with a shoulder press. Then drop to 8 of each, 6 of each, 4 of each, 2 of each. Rest for a minute and start with 8 of each, 6 of each, 4 of each, 2 of each. And so on until you’re just doing one lot of two of the exercise. Try and do it once a day- it should take less than 10 minutes or so. (I stole this from a Davina McCall work out DVD and modified. I don’t know if you have her DVDs in the US but they really work well for me because they have short resistance work outs that target certain areas of the body). Anyway glad you enjoyed the Clif Bars- for the longer runs try the Clif Bar gel shots. I normally hate gels but these are good :). The muffins look lush by the way

  2. I love clif bars, especially the coconut chocolate chip flavor! And I love Whole Foods!! For weight routines I usually go on youtube and find workout videos there. I will search something like “10 minute arm workout.”There are a bunch from pop sugar that I like. I did one the other day with Teddy Bass that I really liked. Just search Teddy Bass on youtube.

  3. I love whole foods but its so pricey! I also really like Clif bars, but have you ever tried Lara bars? Those are my recent obsession. I usually stick to really basic/boring arms workouts, like bicep curls, tricep extensions, and shoulder presses. When I want to change it up I look on Pinterst for ideas. Nice job with the speed work this week!

  4. I rarely go to Whole Foods but when I do I am always impressed by their variety of healthy foods and also somewhat amazed by how much they overcharge for the products. It isn’t that their prices are higher than a typical grocery store (if the quality is better than it should cost a bit more), it is that they are so much higher than for the same product at another outlet.
    That was a great mile!! It is fun going fast isn’t? Way to go. Reaching a new milestone is always fun.
    I really like the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bars too, but don’t eat bars as much anymore.
    I love chocolate and may just give that recipe a try!

  5. Oh my.. pumpkin granola sounds amazing! How did you like the Clif bars? I’ve yet to find the perfect flavor for me to enjoy, but I keep trying because everyone says they’re such a great pre/post workout snack.

    Great job on your speed work! That’s awesome.

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