My First 10 Miler!

Miss Adventures in RunningIt’s official! I completed my first 10 miler today! I have run 10 miles before, but never in an actual organized race. It was amazing! I had a blast! I ran the Perfect 10, a women’s only race, that was very well organized. Since the race is tailored to women, it is a little different than your standard race.

Miss Adventures in Running

For starters, the expo was full of wonderful activities for women. There was a fashion show, complete with runway, of women’s athletic wear. There were free massages, and the little girls (mothers and daughters were encouraged to participate) could get their hair done and face painted. There were also cookies, cupcakes, coffee, and hot chocolate available. Yum!

Miss Adventures in RunningFor the race, you could form a team. I was a part of a team that had enough members to earn a private porta-potty. Let me tell you, that was an amazing perk. Those pre-race potty lines can be outrageous! We even decorated our porta-potty. There was a red carpet with rose petals. Inside, we had scented soaps and balloons! Not too bad at all!

Miss Adventures in RunningOur team was large enough to get its own tent as well. The tent was particularly nice before the race since there was a significant wind. Members of my team also brought a sheet cake, muffins, tiaras, and fairy wings. If that wasn’t enough, someone also brought….

Miss Adventures in RunningChampagne! We all toasted to a successful race when everyone had crossed the finish line. Honestly, I have never had so much fun at a race!

Miss Adventures in RunningThe food provided by the race was phenomenal. They had the typical bananas and oranges, but also had pretzels (we are close to Philly here!), and pasta salad. There was also a chocolate fountain! You could dip fruit kabobs, marshmallows, and cookies in the chocolate. It was delicious! If that wasn’t enough, there was also a hot chocolate and coffee bar. I think I should only register for women’s races from here on out!

I didn’t get a picture, but there were also shirtless guys cheering us on along the way. It was hilarious! Aside from all of the fantastic perks, the course was absolutely beautiful. It was through a very scenic park. We even saw a family of deer!

As for my actual running, I was able to run the entire race at a time I am pleased with and feel extremely accomplished. Celebrating good health and friendship with wonderful women is such an empowering experience. Now that the 10 miler is under my belt, time to gear up for my first half marathon in just one month! I am feeling good!

What race have you participated in with amazing perks? Have you ever registered with a team?





10 thoughts on “My First 10 Miler!

  1. That race sounds absolutely awesome I want to come and give it a go next time – but can I be on your team cos they totally do race day the right way 😉
    Loving the decorated porta potty hilarious!
    I have just signed up for my first ever team race for next september and believe it or not it’s a 24 hour race – teams of 8 how many 10k laps can you get in in 24 hours eeeek running in the woods in the dark!

  2. Congrats on the race! That expo sounds awesome. I’ve only run one womens-only race and loved the feeling of being among such inspirational and empowered women. Good luck with your first half, looking forward to reading about it.

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