The Peace of the Run

Kara-Goucher-quoteThis morning was one of those runs, where everything just seemed to come together. The crisp fall weather felt perfect, just the right amount of coolness. The sun was rising above me, and I truly felt at peace. With all the crazy things that happen in our fast paced lives these days, this was a rare moment, and I soaked up every second.

While I was running, I just felt a sense of calm, and everything seemed so much simpler. In the middle of my running epiphany, I wondered, what would have happened if I never started running? How many moments like this would I have missed? While running has significantly improved my physical health, I also believe that running has brought me mental clarity and a closer connection to nature.

Since I started running, I feel like I appreciate my surroundings more. When I run outside, I do not use headphones. (I save that for the treadmill.) I really want to be in tune with what is going on around me. (Not to mention safety!)

Today I just wanted to take the time and reflect on all running has given me. It has been a wonderful outlet for stress and has provided time for disconnecting from the usual fast pace of everyday life.

What do you think about on your runs?


18 thoughts on “The Peace of the Run

  1. I could not agree with this more! when I run I think about the challenge of the run, and how it actually brings me peace even though my adrenaline is running…I think about the songs I am listening to that make me wanna stop and dance – or run faster and sometimes I think about how my running is a metaphor for the constant challenges of everyday life – each time I go faster, or longer I get better and better! Visiting from the Runners Blog Linkup

  2. :

    Beautifully written post.

    Each thought has a very calming cadence.

    I run for clarity myself. It is only when I run that my head is truly quiet, and I feel one with everything around me.

    I’ll book mark this blog. It speaks to me in so many levels.

  3. I love that Kara Goucher quote – it’s true. This morning, my run was dark and a bit chilly, but relaxing at the same time! It gives me time to think and be thankful for all God has done/is doing in my life.

    I’m definitely thankful for running! Great post 🙂 I saw it on the Fitness Friday Link-Up!

  4. I think about everything and anything! I haven’t been out on the trails for a while- I should get back out there and recharge!

  5. I love this and the quote at the beginning really resonated with me. I hardly win races and never have PR’s faster then anyone else but the run is what keeps me coming back. The solitude of a run and the peace I get from them.

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