More Experimenting!

I am having a wonderful time training for my first half marathon. I cannot believe that is just a few weeks away! I never thought I would be saying that! I think the fact that I have been slowly transitioning into long distance running has made it more enjoyable. I wonder if some people jump too quickly and end up hating it because they aren’t ready. I have also had the support of a wonderful running club with a fantastic leader.

Miss Adventures in Running

Check out this beautiful scene that I saw on my first 12 mile run this past Saturday. I can’t believe I finally ran 12 miles! Next week will be the big 13 on the training schedule. I am excited, but also nervous. What’s one more mile right?

Anyways, back to the title of the post. I have been doing more experimenting as my training has been increasing.


Miss Adventures in Running

I tried Larabar Alt bars for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I really liked how they tasted and especially love how natural all the ingredients are. Unfortunately, they gave me a bit of a stomach ache about an hour after I ate them. I really did love the pumpkin pie flavor, but I just don’t think they are right for me. (Sometimes I have trouble digesting things with a lot of fiber due to my Crohn’s Disease.)

Miss Adventures in Running

For my half marathon, I signed up for a pace team. Clif is sponsoring the pace teams for the Philadelphia Marathon and sent all registrants a box full of free goodies. I already am hooked on the Clif bars, so getting one free was exciting. The box also included Shot Bloks and a Shot Gel. I am officially hooked on the Shot Bloks. I tend to get a little hungry on the long runs, so I just pop in 2-3 of the little gummies during my run. They taste delicious and are easy to digest. I tried the Shot Gel as well. The taste was surprisingly pleasant, and I felt energized and didn’t have any digestion issues. I think I am slowly becoming a fan of Clif!


With the training runs getting longer and longer, I knew I would need to start taking some sort of water bottle with me. I like to fill mine with a mixture of water and warm Gatorade.

Miss Adventures in RunningI really love these “anti-water bottles” (as the company calls them) by Vapur. I love that they are lightweight and easy to carry. You can hook them to a belt, but I like to just hold on to the hook with a couple of fingers. The best part is that they fold up completely when you are finished. I’m just not quite ready to invest in a fuel belt, maybe at a later date, but not today!

Miss Adventures in Running

With colder weather, also comes more darkness. There are less daylight hours for running these days. I finally invested in a headlamp. I wore it for the first time last Tuesday night and was surprised how little I noticed that I had one on. Safety before fashion!

Are there any new products that you are loving?



6 thoughts on “More Experimenting!

  1. Hi Amy!
    I’ve really enjoyed my running club and thought I’d sign up for the pace group for my marathon. When I got in the corral it was so packed that I couldn’t get up to the pace group. They ran ahead of me the whole race so I decided to set my own pace. It worked out great.
    Good luck on the 1/2!

  2. Isn’t it awesome to hit a new mile mark in your training runs! It makes you feel like a champion doesn’t it.
    Congrats. I actually just did a 12 miler on this past Saturday and it was my longest run in some months.
    It felt good to me too.
    I love Fall so much… great running weather and gorgeous scenes like that tree you shot.
    I like Shot Bloks as well. I need to develop a multitude of different foods and drinks for my 24 Hour,
    but Shot Bloks will probably be one of them.
    I have seen the “Vapur” type bottles, but I always wondered how comfortable it would be to hold them when the water gets low?
    It seems like they would be so thin, that it would be tough.

    Best of luck in your last few weeks of training for your first Half!! So exciting.


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