A Weekend Filled with Running!

This was a busy weekend, filled with lots of running, more running than I have ever done in a single weekend!

13 milesOn Saturday, I ran 13 miles for the first time ever with my running club! My knees were definitely feeling it afterwards, but I felt really accomplished. It was great running with a fun group of ladies. Luckily there were about 5 of us scheduled to run 13 miles for our training that day. The weather was perfect, around 50 degrees with just a slight wind.


Then on Sunday morning, I ran across the Ben Franklin Bridge from New Jersey to Philadelphia. It was really nice looking at the beautiful city skyline from the bridge, but I could have done without the wind! It was a little chilly up there on that bridge! It was also quite nice looking at the battleship and the lovely Camden waterfront.

starting line

A group of ladies from my running club carpooled together, and then we went out for lunch afterwards. It was a great morning. I feel like I can’t say enough about how much I love my running club. You are probably sick of hearing about it!

bridge2(Looks like fun up there right?)

It was such a different perspective running across the bridge, as opposed to driving. It was a neat experience. This is a very popular race, and I am looking forward to running it again in the future.

jack o lantern

I am also going to mix in a little about Halloween in here, mostly because I love Halloween. Above is the beautiful jack-o-lantern that I carved. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best.

pumpkin beer

I also tried pumpkin beer for the first time. Usually I would pick wine over beer any day, but I am a sucker for anything pumpkin. I think this might actually be my new favorite beer. It also didn’t hurt that it was on sale after Halloween!

mummies pre oven

crescent mummies

I got the idea for these amazing mummy crescent dogs from Pillsbury. They are super easy to make. Is there really anything more delicious than “pigs in a blanket?” I think I needed to wrap the dough more around the head for the full “mummy” effect. Next time, right?


Here is my beautiful costume. One of the other teachers at work and I were playing cards. It was the greatest costume ever because it was so simple and cheap! We just  bought poster board and cut out the numbers and hearts from red construction paper. The only other thing we had to get was ribbon to tie the two posterboards together.

How was your weekend?



11 thoughts on “A Weekend Filled with Running!

  1. Congrats on your 13 mile run! Do you live in Philly? Sounds like you have a great running group!
    Pumpkin beer is probably my favorite thing about fall.
    I love your costume…I can never get creative with Halloween costumes so I don’t even bother trying. What a cool idea!

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