It’s Almost Here!

Miss Adventures in Running - Philadelphia Marathon

I can’t believe that the weekend of my first half marathon is finally here! Only a couple more days to rest up! Today, I went to the expo for the races, and it was fantastic. With around 30,000 people participating in the events this weekend, this is by far the biggest race I have ever been a part of. That being said, I have never seen an expo like this before! There were so many different vendors and presentations. I raced over on the train (my first trip on NJ transit, by the way) as fast as I could after work, but I did not make it in time to hear Bill Rodgers speak. Fortunately, I still got to see him signing autographs, which was pretty neat!

Miss Adventures in Running - Philadelphia Marathon

Pretty much any vendor you could possibly imagine was at the expo. Some of my favorite tables that I stopped by were Clif, Flipbelt, Newton, and Larabar.

Miss Adventures in Running - Philadelphia Marathon

There were also some really great deals on shoes and apparel. I found some great running sleeves for just $10. I snagged a pair in black. Black goes with everything right?

Miss Adventures in Running - Philadelphia Marathon

I am pretty sure I managed to get one of every free sample offered. I am a huge sucker for free samples. I seriously cannot control myself. If it is free, I just grab it and think about whether I really need it later. I came away with lots of delicious snacks, some tasty beverages, and random things like pencils and olive oil.

I am getting really excited for the race, but also kinda nervous. Hopefully the weather is nice, they are saying 60 degrees! Just cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain! I will give you a full recap of the race next week. Good luck to anyone else running this weekend!



8 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!

  1. Your pictures and post brought back so many of my own memories when I ran the Philly Marathon 2 years ago:) Awe, good times!
    Good luck on your race this weekend, you picked an incredible one! My favorite thing to do when I finished (after I got cleaned up) was head back up to the museum and run up those famous Rocky steps and do my Rocky pose:) Have fun in your race!!!

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