Miss Adventures in Running


This morning I went out bright and early to get my run finished. I checked the weather quickly before I left, but I forgot to look at the wind chill! I was expecting 27 degrees, but it definitely felt more like 13 degrees! Not only was it a chilly run, but the wind made it so hard to run! At some points I was pretty sure I was not moving at all. I guess I should have picked up on the fact that absolutely no one else was out. I thought they were just all still asleep. They were probably smart enough to not go out in the cold!

Miss Adventures in Running

I will admit, part of the reason I was set on running outside was because I wanted to wear my new hat! It might seem like a silly reason, but I will admit it is the truth! I chopped off all of my hair yesterday. Now I have a sort of bob going on. I really like it, but it does mean no more ponytails for this girl. To make up for the ponytail, I got a great hat from Colombia on clearance. It did very nicely on the run. My head wasn’t cold, just everything else! I was glad I had moisture-wicking gloves, but even they were not enough to keep my hands from stinging. Let’s just say, I tried to send a text message when I got back to my apartment, and it took a good 5 minutes to get my fingers to type it out!

Miss Adventures in Running

On a side note, what are your thoughts about official race pictures? I always end up looking like a fool. (Ex. Jacket tied around the waist – not my best look!) I do like a few of the pictures of me from the half marathon, but the prices are ridiculous! One 5 x 7 matte finish photo costs $15. I just don’t know if I can do that…I haven’t ruled it out completely yet. It was my first half marathon after all…but my wallet is screaming, “No!”

What temperature do you draw the line for running outside? What are your thoughts on official race photos?




15 thoughts on “Brrr!

  1. My official race photos always look terrible! For some reason my nostrils look HUGE. I’m sure (hope) they don’t look like that normally! And as for the prices – they are shocking. Unless I get a really good one I am content to nab the watermark version from a screen dump for my own collection!

  2. Sounds cold! The coldest race I’ve ever done was 15 with a wind chill of “freeze your face off.” I think that’s where I draw the line from now on!!

    I very rarely get race/even photos. But occasionally something strikes my fancy and I buy it.

  3. Yikes! That’s so cold! It doesn’t get that cold where I live, but I went to Europe in January and remember seeing runners and thinking they were crazy 😉 I HATE official race pictures because I ALWAYS look ridiculous haha.

  4. Congrats on your first half!!! That’s awesome!!! My thought on official pics: I only buy them for milestone races. My first 5K, first half, etc. Other random races…never. I typically get pics with my hubs or running friends on our phones or personal cameras.

    Stay warm out there! My coldest run ever was in the 20s. I typically feel warm after the first mile, even in freezing weather. I much prefer it to 90 degrees and humid in the summer!

  5. I will usually run outside unless there is ice on the ground. I reallllly hate the treadmill so I would rather bundle up and run outdoors! It usually doesn’t get below 20 here (but sometimes the wind chill will make it feel much colder!) I am sure if I lived somewhere that it got really cold I would need to draw the line and bring my run indoors.

  6. I only buy the race photos when the race either really means something to me, or if they actually came out well! They are SO expensive, so I’d recommend holding off on buying until they email you about a 15% or 20% sale.

    The cold is rough…I really need to invest in some good cold weather gear to encourage myself to go out. When it gets in the 20’s, it’s rough for me…

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