Snow Day!


One of the perks of being a teacher is snow days! Unfortunately, my school didn’t build any emergency days into the calendar, so we will have to make it up in June. I figure though, since I have it, I need to enjoy it! 

Since I was already drinking my morning coffee when I got the call, I decided to work out instead of going back to sleep. I figured my running club will probably be cancelled tonight, and I didn’t want to be sliding all over the sidewalks and roads, so I opted for the treadmill today.

ImageI ran a total of 6 miles. I did a 2 mile warm-up pace, 2 miles at a tempo pace, and then 2 miles at a cool down pace. I put the treadmill at a 1% incline, too, to make it more like the outdoors. It’s surprising how much more energy I have for my run after my morning coffee. I usually go before the coffee on normal days. After the run, I did On-Demand Yoga for runners. I have never done On-Demand Yoga before, but I liked it. I think I will feel sore tomorrow, but I do feel like I got a good stretch.


Even just walking back from the apartment complex gym, I got covered in snow! To warm up and reward myself for a good workout, I made a Gevalia foam-at-home caramel macchiato. I got this as a free sample, and it was absolutely delicious. It tasted just as good as Starbucks, but with less calories! I am thinking about ordering some online, but they are pretty expensive! Maybe, I can find some more free samples….


This is not related to the snow day, but I wanted to share this delicious omelette I made on Sunday. I had never made an omelette before, and this was a huge success. It is made from egg whites and is filled with mushrooms, spinach, and just a hint of monterey jack cheese. I definitely need more omelettes in my life!

Now, for a day filled with old Christmas movies and comfy clothes!

Is it snowing in your neck of the woods? Do you have a favorite post-workout treat?



8 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. There is a starbucks next to my gym so sometimes I treat myself after a workout by stopping there. Its snowing here in Maryland too! The school where I work is closed, and we will also have to make up the day in June. But I agree…since we have it we might as well enjoy it! Hope you have a nice relaxing day:)

  2. No snow for us here but we did drive home from my in-laws house in some blizzard-like conditions yesterday. Favorite post run treat … anything chocolate, especially a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks 🙂

  3. I had a snow day today too! But my company made us work at least 5 hours from home. I slept in until 10, did blog stuff for an hour, and was able to get those 5 hours in before 5:00! I’m just glad neither of us had to drive in that stuff!

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