The Ugly Sweater Run

Miss Adventures in Running

Last weekend I ran in The Ugly Sweater Run in Philadelphia. It was definitely one of the most fun races I have ever done. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good time. Don’t expect a serious run though. It isn’t even timed.

Miss Adventures in Running

The decorations helped make the race great. There were many Christmas-themed inflatables. There was even an inflatable “Enchanted Forest” at mile 2. They also had a fake snow blower going at one point in the race. Instead of water stations, there were hot chocolate stations. It was just an overall happy run! I also really enjoyed seeing all the fabulous costumes and ugly sweaters.

Miss Adventures in Running

My sister(right) and I

My sister and her fiance came to visit from D.C. and ran in the race. I got my lovely sweater on ebay for $3. It smelled awful when I got it, but after a good wash it was fine, and totally worth it.

Miss Adventures in Running

My sister and her fiance

My sister’s fiance wore a full Santa costume. He definitely was not running too fast in that get-up. He also said it was outrageously hot. The price you pay for fashion.

Miss Adventures in Running

After the race, everyone of age was able to get two beers, or hard ciders. They had a pretty good selection of Sam Adams stuff. Since it was so cold, the beers definitely helped warm everyone up at the finish line. You could also get more hot chocolate. I was so cold that I chugged the hot chocolate and burnt my tongue. (Still worth it, some smart girl forgot to wear gloves….)

Miss Adventures in Running

The race swag was pretty good, too. Everyone got this lovely hat, which is actually super warm. There were some nice temporary tattoos, and they ran out of fake moustaches. I was pretty bummed about the moustaches. I think that would have really completed the outfit. I registered for the race through Groupon, so with the hat, two beers, and unlimited hot chocolate, I would definitely say it was a deal.  The race is all over the country, so you should see if there is one near you!




10 thoughts on “The Ugly Sweater Run

  1. Love your Ugly Sweater! Did you find it ridiculously hot to run it? We didn’t have any Ugly Sweater Runs here but there was a Santa Shuffle a few weeks ago that is always really well attended.

  2. The Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot also featured an “ugly sweater” contest. I’d say a few were on par with yours, but I think this one goes on anyone’s “all time” list, for both sweater and complete outfit.


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