Cold Weather Running is More Fun With Christmas Decorations

0101141104I don’t know about you, but where I live, it has been pretty cold. I try and run outside as much as I can, but these cold temperatures can be pretty brutal. What I really miss on my runs though, are all the pretty Christmas decorations. The bare trees and ground just aren’t that fun to stare at!


While I was home visiting for the holidays, I enjoyed a very nice 9 mile run through the historic part of my hometown. Just look at all the beautiful decorations! All of the lamp posts were covered with evergreen branches and big, beautiful red bows.


The town used to be a major stop on the Underground Railroad and is full of historic landmarks. The old buildings are kept in very nice condition.


It’s funny how you can see things so differently after you have been gone for awhile. I never ran all the way to that part of town before. Then again, the last time I lived in that town, I wouldn’t have dreamed of running nine miles! I think the real beauty of the run was that I recognized how much I had changed. By returning to somewhere that had stayed exactly the same all these years, I realized that I was the one that had changed. I like to think it has all been for the better. Here is hoping for many more wonderful changes in 2014!

How have you changed over the past year?



15 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running is More Fun With Christmas Decorations

  1. That town looks lovely πŸ™‚ when I run around the village where I grew up I always think the houses and streets have shrunk, but really its because I’m not 10 years old and only four feet tall anymore!

  2. You’re hometown looks so nice, especially all decorated! I get a similar feeling when I return to the town where I grew up. Change can definitely be a good thing!

  3. I feel that way too! All my life I just wanted to leave my home town, and now whenever I go back I’m like “Wow look at all the mountains! I wonder if there’s a trail on that one?”. I used to dream about living in Philly but now that I do, it’s so frustrating because I’m always in traffic or looking for a parking space 😦

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