Maybe…I’m faster than I think?

Last week was the week of speed for me. It might not be fast compared to many, but in my book…it was pretty darn fast. Let’s start with the Tuesday night speed workout.


It was a rainy night, but I was so sick of the treadmill, so I threw on a hat. It was also already dark out, so I put on my new head lamp. Doesn’t everyone ask their boyfriend for a head lamp for Christmas?

Not very many people were at the workout. I guess rain and darkness don’t really appeal to too many people. But boy, am I glad I went out. The beauty of group workouts is that you are inspired by the other runners. On Tuesday I was running with two other girls. One was about my pace, but the other was faster. We were supposed to run three 1 mile loops. We got 30 seconds between each mile. Each mile was supposed to get progressively faster. I was supposed to run around 8:50 to start. Well….that didn’t happen.



….8:35. Then, we ran 8:20. And then, we ran………8:08.

I have never run an 8:08 mile in my entire life. It felt good, well actually no. It felt awful, but then when I was done it felt amazing.


Well, after that workout, I left thinking. Maybe I am faster than I think. What if I am holding myself back mentally? What if my body is capable of so much more?

On one of my easy runs, I  decided to push it a little. Not too crazy, just a little. Check out those splits! Maybe I am not a 10:00 miler after all. I am feeling really inspired right now.

I have decided to embark on a new journey. The journey to end the 10:00 miles. (I make the exception of allowing them for long runs…for now.) And so…the journey begins.



25 thoughts on “Maybe…I’m faster than I think?

  1. Nice job! Speed work is a great way to throw in some faster paces that would otherwise seem too intimidating! Keep up the great work:)

  2. Also, how do you like your head lamp? I am thinking I should get one. If you like it could you let me know what kind you have? Thanks!

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes! I absolutely believe the secret to running faster is to run with others! I discovered the exact same thing when I joined a group. And the coolest part is that the running itself hardly feels more difficult because you are distracted by having a friend! Awesome job girl!

  4. Awesome job!!!! I seriously need to work on my speed (by the way, we are at/trying to be at the same pace!). I thought I’d always be a 10 minute miler but you’re making me think I can change that!

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