Road ID!

I don’t know about you, but with all the recent accidents in the media involving runners and cyclists, I have become a little anxious. While we can do our best to stay safe (run against traffic, avoid major roads, and if using headphones – keep volume low), it is important to be prepared for the worst. I’ve been thinking about purchasing from RoadID for some time, but then I won a gift card from SacCity Sports!

Miss Adventures in Running - Road ID

The wrist band even matches my Garmin!

I chose to get the Shoe ID and a Wrist Band Sport Band. I plan on keeping the ID on my shoe, but the actual ID plate can be removed from the shoe attachment and placed on the wrist band. It is very simple to move the ID, which I really appreciate. Sometimes your mood changes!

Miss Adventures in Running - Road ID

I blurred out the phone numbers. That isn’t how it really looks!

I love how light the shoe ID is. I do not notice that it is there, but I still feel like it is attached securely. You can customize what you include on the ID plate, which is really great. I have Crohn’s Disease, and as a result also anemia, so I definitely wanted to include those. I included two emergency numbers, in case one is unreachable. They also recommend that you include the year you were born and where you live. I did not include the city because we are expecting to move apartments within the next 6 months.

Miss Adventures in Running - Road ID

The sports wrist band is great. I went with this band because it was velcro, and I figured it would be easy to adjust. Surprisingly, they had a size to fit my 5 inch wrist! The small fit perfectly.

Miss Adventures in Running - Road ID

Look at that perfect fit!

I had a little bit of money left over on the gift card, so I also ordered a pair of socks. They are your standard running socks, but I do love the company slogan: “It’s who I am.” Get it, ID …It’s Who I am. Clever, no?

running sock1

Overall, I am very pleased with my products. My favorite part is how well the products work with each other. I love how the ID plate can be transferred from the shoe band to the wrist band. (Not all products work together – you have to pay attention!) This would be especially great for my friends training for triathlons. You would want it on your wrist for swimming, but might not want it there when you are running.

As someone with a serious health condition, I think it is extremely important to have your health information available in case you are injured and unable to communicate this information to the first responders. In today’s world, it is important to protect yourself. I would highly recommend you purchase some form of identification from Road ID. To encourage you, I will even share a coupon with you! Please, if not for yourself, do it for those that love you!






I was not paid for this review. I received the products from a giveaway hosted by a third party. These opinions are completely my own.

9 thoughts on “Road ID!

  1. LOVE my Road ID! So glad you got one! When I started running, I got one because I have a bad back and I never know if I’m going to throw out my back haha. I then got one for my boyfriend (cycler), sister, and mom.

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