Brownies with Beets?!


It was a pretty snowy week last week! We had quite the snowstorm, which can definitely change your running routine. Some people in my running club went out during this. I was definitely not one of them.


Too cold for this girl!

With temperatures like above and snow pelting me in the face, I decided to turn to the treadmill. The apartment gym was packed! I think people were getting stir crazy from having to stay inside so long. I saw some of the regulars I am used to, but also met some new faces!

With all this extra time due to snow days, I felt like baking something delicious! I saw this recipe from Runner’s World and decided to make brownies. You would not believe there are beets in here! You cannot taste them. I think they make the brownies extra moist. I really loved them. I definitely plan on making them again. I did not have unsweetened baking chocolate, so I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, and then didn’t add any extra sugar.


Please ignore the toothpick holes from checking if it is done!

The brownies also have quinoa flour in them! I just threw some quinoa in the blender and that got the job done. I would definitely recommend giving these brownies a try! Yum!

How do you make desserts healthier?



18 thoughts on “Brownies with Beets?!

  1. Beets are a sort of new wonder-food … my wife has loads of allergies and sensitivities, so I have to be *very* careful. But beets are safe!

    I was one of those crazy people out running – but I sure as heck don’t judge the smart people who stayed inside! 🙂

  2. Beets in brownies? I need to try this! My daughter loves anything chocolate and what a great way to sneak something healthy into her dessert!

    And I’m with you on the too cold thing. I have been banishing myself to the treadmill more often that I’d like to lately because I just can’t deal with it when it’s 5 degrees out.

  3. No don’t take my brownies from meeee!! In all honesty I’ve never had beet brownies but someone played a horrible trick on my once and gave me black bean brownies and they were no bueno. BUT since I trust you I will take your word on these for now until I can try them myself lol

    • Oh man. I have always wondered about those black bean brownies. Never tried them, though…and it seems like I shouldn’t! You seriously can’t taste the beets. They just make the brownies super moist and delicious. Trust me. I tried to make a juice with the beets, gagged, and then decided the only thing to do with the leftover beets was to smother them in chocolate!

  4. I was thinking about making this recipe but I see it calls for 1/2 pound of beets. How many did you use? (I don’t have a food scale)

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