Let’s Get Healthy!


I feel like I am a pretty healthy person, but I do think that there is room for improvement. I am working on eating healthier. It’s not that I eat badly, but I would like to eat more whole foods and have less sugar. Some things that I am trying….

Ezekial Bread – I love how natural this bread is. It is not processed heavily like so many other breads. I also really like the nutty flavor it has. I freeze it so it lasts longer.

Green Smoothies – I have stocked up on spinach for plenty of smoothies. I have tried some recipes that I like, and some that I hate. Carrots and beets…not one I would recommend. Spinach, banana, blackberries? definitely. My problem with green smoothies is that I want to put lots of fruit in so it tastes good, but what I really need is to add vegetables. I am slowly adding more vegetables. I just have to find the right combo.

Grapeseed Oil – I am trying to use this healthier oil in my cooking. You really cannot tell the difference.

Carrots and Hummus – When I get home from school, I need a snack. I am trying to turn to these two instead of less healthy, processed snacks.

Almond Milk – I do not really like milk, but I am trying to get some more calcium. I really like unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I try to drink a glass at least a couple times a week.


I am also trying lots of new recipes from my Runner’s World Cookbook. It is an awesome cookbook that I would highly recommend. The picture above is of turkey sausage with lots of herbs, feta cheese, and rigatoni. Next time, I plan on using whole wheat pasta, but I didn’t want to waste the pasta I already had. I want to be healthy, but I still have to live on a budget! (Also, don’t freak out. That is grapeseed oil, not sausage grease! The turkey sausage is quite lean!)

How do you make sure you eat healthy?


13 thoughts on “Let’s Get Healthy!

  1. I also have the Runner’s World cookbook and have been really liking it so far! I haven’t made the turkey sausage yet but that sounds good! One thing I could probably do to make my diet healthier is to find more natural snacks instead of packaged granola bars. My go-to snack when I am out is either a lara bar or a luna bar…both are not “bad” but I think it would be better to snack on fruits and veggies or to make my own granola bars.

  2. Eating healthy constantly keeps you on your toes! I’m hearing great things about the RW Cookbook, but for now I’ve been checking out heatlhy recipes online from dozens of food blogs! I haven’t made a green smoothie yet…I did buy frozen kale but I haven’t tried anything with it yet. And Greek yogurt with granola is one of my favorite “after work” snacks!

  3. I do a great job of eating a variety of foods, especially vegetables. My problem is that I eat too much of everything, even vegetables. I’m always hungry. Years ago, I lost 40 lbs. by tracking everything I put in my mouth. I weighed and measured my portions. I kept repeating, “Hunger is my friend.” It worked, but I was pretty miserable going through the process. Now I am using myfitnesspal.com, so I can track my food choices. I’m still hungry, though. sigh.

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