A Little Monday Motivation For You

With all this crazy winter weather, I think we could all use a little motivation – especially on a Monday!


I can’t take credit for coming up with the quote, but I did design this little graphic! I think this quote really rings true. Even though your friends can encourage and motivate you, it is up to you whether or not you keep going. You could easily quit and take a break or walk at any point. You decide whether or not to keep going. So remember that. It is up to you. You can do it. You just have to believe in yourself. Running can be just as much a mental game as a physical one. Half (or more) of the battle is in your mind. Your body can usually keep going, it is your mind that holds you back. When you don’t feel like going out in the wind and winter weather, just tell yourself, “It’s up to me, and I decide to go!”


That is how I felt this past weekend. It was rainy and snow drifts were getting in my way and killing my mojo. I could have chosen to just throw it in the bag. I could have just said, “Oh, the weather was too much,” and no one would have blamed me, but I would have been disappointed in myself. (Now, if it is a serious weather emergency, that is completely different!) With the support of my running club, I managed to bang out 13 miles. The support definitely helped give me the encouragement I needed, but it was my decision to keep going. When I was finished, I felt amazing and proud that I didn’t give up!

How do you keep yourself motivated, especially when it is so nasty outside?



9 thoughts on “A Little Monday Motivation For You

  1. It’s a struggle when it’s nasty out. I don’t have snow running or subzero temp experience…… When it’s hot out I struggle tremendously. Today I struggled on a treadmill. My motivation varies but music can really put the pep I need in my step.

  2. I tell myself to just do a run around the block and then I can come back. I always feel better once I start and end up extending the run 🙂

  3. It can be so hard to push through during this never ending winter. I think it is teaching us runners alot one way or another…whether its how to endure a long run on the treadmill, or facing negative wind chills, or learning to make the choice to not run when things are really bad. I know that some of the worst runs I have had have this winter made me a mentally strong runner, and I think that once it is nice out running will feel so much easier. Great job pushing through your run! When you are doing your next 1/2 marathon you can think back on it and realize that if you could run 13 miles in those conditions, you can do just about anything!

  4. Great post! I can’t believe you ran 13 miles in the snow, that is hardcore! I don’t even trust myself to walk from my apartment to my car without slipping so I’m totally impressed 🙂

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