Make Sure You Love Living

running and living


I really love this quote I found from I wouldn’t say that I don’t ever love the feeling of running. I definitely have some wonderful moments when I am running, but not every run is stellar. Some mornings I wake up and don’t feel like it. In the end, I am always glad I did it.

Today, though, I write for a different reason. Running has made me appreciate many things that I often neglected before. It forces me to be in the moment, to think about my surroundings, to enjoy nature. It gives me powerful time to reflect.

This past week was a difficult one for me, as my grandmother passed away on Valentine’s Day. I know she is in a better place, and that in the end, she is happier. She suffered greatly in the end and was very unhappy for some time. While I will miss her terribly, I am glad she is finally free and at peace. While I think about this, I reflect on how important it is to appreciate the life you have. I want to be more present and to focus on spending time with those who are important to me.

As a final note, I hope that you too find  a way to love the feeling of living, whether it be through running or not.


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