Things I am Loving!

Here are a few things that I am loving right now:

wearing running skirt

1. My new running skirt! I have been wanting a running skirt for soooooo long. They are just usually so expensive. I snatched this one up the instant I found it at TJ Maxx. It is made by Nike and has little spandex shorts underneath. I love the shades of purple, too.

running skirt

2. The Kettlebell! I really wanted to work on my arms and core. I scored this kettlebell at TJ Maxx. Check out this great workout from Women’s Health Magazine that I have been doing.  I am hooked.


3. Compression Socks – over my dress socks. I have my speed workout on Tuesday nights. After my easy run before work on Wednesday, I was definitely feeling the burn in my calves. I slipped my compression socks on over my thigh- highs. It was awesome, and no one knew but me!

compression dress socks

What I am NOT loving

gym wipes

At least at my gym, I have noticed that many people do not wipe off the equipment after they use it. That drives me nuts! I takes 1- 2 minutes, tops! I always wipe off the machine before I use it, too, since I know how many people do not when they are finished!

What are you loving? Do you have any pet peeves at the gym?


15 thoughts on “Things I am Loving!

  1. Haha I love sneaking compression sleeves on under clothes. Lovin’ your scores from TJ Maxx! Love that place 🙂 I hate when people don’t wipe down their equipment, but I hate it more when people tell you to wipe down your equipment as you are walking to get a wipe. I just want to slap them. Not overreacting at all…

  2. Haha clearly you went to TJ Maxx this week! But seriously, is the skirt comfortable to run in? After seeing so many at Disney last weekend I kind of want one!

    • I actually really liked it. I picked one that doesn’t have too long of a skirt, so it does not get in the way. I barely notice it. Also, the shorts are long enough underneath to keep away any chaffing. If you pick it right, I think you will love it!

  3. I’ve never worn a running skirt but I’m thinking about getting one. I love wearing compression socks to work. Lately I’ve been wearing them with boots almost every day!

  4. Apparently one thing you left off the list was how awesome it is to hit a store and get multiple major scores – you hit it big at TJ Maxx!

    When I was in a gym a few years back I would always grab a wipe-towel immediately and keep it with me, because … gross. I know how I sweat.

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