Finally Some Warmer Weather!

IMG_20140308_123026We finally had some warmer weather this weekend! It was wonderful. I even managed to pull off capris! (I probably could have gotten away with shorts.) Saturday was a great day for my 14 mile run. It actually went really well. I felt great in my new pair of shoes. My knees were feeling good. I also noticed that I felt much lighter. I am wondering if that is a result of a successful gluten free week. Only time will tell there. They say that it can cut down on the inflammation of your joints, which might have helped my knees too.

beautiful day

On a completely different note…I volunteered to help with my district’s middle school track club. This is the first year of the program. I am hoping to make it a wonderful experience for the kids. One that makes them enjoy running and motivates them to live a healthier lifestyle overall. I will definitely take any suggestions!

Has anyone ever worked with a middle school or kids’ running program?



12 thoughts on “Finally Some Warmer Weather!

  1. Definitely with you in enjoying the quick break of great weather! Even this morning was still close to 40 before the snow and arctic cold rolls back in later today!

    I have never helped out with a school running group, but we have done loads of other (mostly science) stuff through the years … and with budgets so tight I know it is always helpful and appreciated! Good luck!

  2. Very cool! Hope it stays warm for you. Have I recommended fish oil to you before for your knees? They say it helps lubricate the joints. And they say coconut oil is like a miracle cure for like everything.

  3. OMG that sounds like so much fun! I’ve never volunteered for a kids’ running program, but my little cousins (both 7) want to “run like Amy does.” They run after school with their after school program. I recommend teaching them about proper running etiquette. It bugs me so much when little kids are out of control at those events, so I made sure my cousins knew about how to pass, where to line up, etc. Have fun!!!

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