Another 5k!


It may not be Spring quite yet, but it is already the season of the 5k! It seems like there is another 5k everywhere I turn! Today I did a race that is very popular in my neck of the words. It brings out some very fast runners. It is put on by three of the local running companies. (that are actually all part of one larger organization)


The medal each year is always a bottle opener. The ribbon is velcro to make it easy to use. You can clearly see by the words on the ribbon that North and South Jersey don’t always play nice. If you don’t want to use the bottle opener to open your own beer, there is a huge after party the night of the race. You get a wristband when you show your medal/race bib, and then your drinks are free the entire night! The running stores foot the bill.


Before the race started, we got our picture taken with Cecily Tynan, one of the meteorologists on a local Philadelphia news station. She is a very speedy lady!

As far as my race, I gave it my best and am pleased with my time. It was about 20 seconds slower than my 5k two weeks ago, which was a little disappointing, but such is life. I think I worked it up a little bit too much in my mind and stressed myself out. Something to work for next time at least!

Do you have any spring races coming up? Do you ever psyche yourself out before a race?


20 thoughts on “Another 5k!

  1. That sounds like a fun race! I usually psyche myself out before a race…it usually leads me to go out either too fast or too slow.
    Great job!

  2. Congrats on another race!!! You’re tiring me out πŸ˜‰ I have a race coming up in April, but I’m probably just running for fun. I hoped to PR, but due to foot issues and now sinus issues, I’ve had to cut a lot of runs 😦

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