Some Runs Are Like That



This morning’s run was just one of those runs. It had all the makings of a fantastic run – the weather was finally nice, I was running with good company, and it was the start of my taper. Life had other plans for me, though. I was doing fine until about mile 2. Then, this morning’s route had a massive hill. I think I left my running mojo on that hill. After that hill, nothing was the same. My body seemed to fight me every step of the way. My legs were not really tired, the entire rest of my body was tired. 

By some sweet miracle, I managed to finish the 9 miles (thanks to the help of some great running buddies) with decent splits. It made me a little nervous about my upcoming half marathon this weekend, but the head of the running club said it was normal after a hard training cycle. She said to take it extra easy this week as I taper.



When I got home, my boyfriend said it might have something to do with my anemia. I never thought about that. To be honest, I forget I have it sometimes. I just see it as a side effect of my Crohn’s Disease medication. I should probably be more diligent about taking my iron pills. They are just so hard to digest. I don’t really want to rock the boat before my race. 

Do any of you have anemia? How does it affect your running? What do you do to help? How do you fight running fatigue?



20 thoughts on “Some Runs Are Like That

  1. Great post. Good work pushing through and finishing. Sometimes running is just a pain like that. You are excited to get out and the run just doesn’t work for you. But for all of those like that there are the days when you just don’t want to run but once you do, it is awesome. Go figure.

  2. Great job getting it done! I think there can be so many factors that could lead to fatigue during a run. Take it easy during your taper and I’m sure you will be fine! But if you find that your anemia is really impacting your running, maybe you can see if there are any iron supplements that are easier for you to digest? I don’t know much about that stuff but I know at one point I had low iron but I was able to improve it by adding certain foods to my diet. Also, not sure if you read this blog but Jen from Peanut Butter Runner has written about anemia and low iron:

    • Thanks for the link! That was a great post. I really do not eat much red meat, so I probably should step that up anyways. I always saw red meat as unhealthy, but in my case, I need it! I also like her idea of taking a probiotic to help digest the iron. Never thought of that! I am going to wait until after the race to try these things though, in case there are any bad reactions!

  3. I agree with coach that taper runs can be all over the map. Don’t let it worry you. Could have something to do with what you ate before/during the run too. Did you ingest anything different?

    • Thanks for the reassurance. I had my usual PB & toast before the run. I suppose it could always just be standard life stress, too. Work has been a bit intense lately. I am just going to try to chill out and relax this week. Take it easy. Probably should do that whether I have a race coming up or not!

  4. I’ve had anemia before but after I had a hysterectomy I’ve not had any problems. But I do understand what you mean the iron pills. They are very hard on the stomach so I can imagine that they would be difficult to deal with while running. How about taking them with one of your meals, not around your running time?

  5. I’m sorry you had a rough run. Crohns runs in my family so I have a little bit of an understanding of what you’re talking about. Glad you were able to push through and keep going.

  6. Good for your for pushing through. I don’t have anemia but when I’m in the thick of endurance training, my iron gets super low and I can tell it effects my energy levels. I suck at taking iron pills because like you said they’re the devil to digest. But I find the iron liquid a bit easier on the stomach, and lots of iron rich foods. One thing I learned is don’t take iron with calcium but do take it with vitamin C. I guess it helps you absorb it better.

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