Vega Sport Review


I know I have mentioned a million times that I love experimenting with new things in my training. I am also a huge sucker for free samples and giveaways. It actually makes up the majority of my mail these days. It is important to try things out before you make a big purchase!


I was fortunate enough to be selected to review Vega Sport’s endurance gel. I even scored a nice raspberry flavor. Since I have been doing a lot of races lately, it is time for me to take a much needed rest. As a result, I do not have many long runs scheduled in the near future. The package said that the gels can be consumed every hour of activity or fifteen minutes prior to activity. Due to my current lack of long runs, I chose to take the gel 15 minutes before my five mile run.


The flavor tasted decent. These gels are not loaded with sugar, so you can’t expect them to taste the same as say a mocha or salted caramel flavored gel.  I would rather take a healthier option that doesn’t taste as delicious as candy to one loaded with sugar. And, yes…you might say, why don’t you just eat whole foods? I definitely love a good raisin as fuel, but no one is sending me free raisins now are they?


The great thing about Vega Sport’s products are that they are plant based, unlike many gels out there. The product was easy to digest and did not cause any stomach issues. Overall, if you are used to the taste of plant based, healthier products, you will not have any problem with the taste of these. If you aren’t, you should still give them a try anyways. Variety is the spice of life!

What do you look for in an endurance gel…or what do you fuel with instead?






Vega provided me with the samples for this review, but all reviews are my honest opinion.



9 thoughts on “Vega Sport Review

  1. I usually try to buy whatever I can get on sale and with free shipping:) So we have a combination of gu, clif shots, and hammergels. I would love to use some with less sugar that are more natural, so I’ll be looking out for this brand. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice review! I’m trying to steer away from the more sugary stuff as well. This sounds like a good option. 🙂 Currently I still run with GU, but then I also carry protein bars for my very long runs.

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