My Dad Ran His First 5k!


Happy Memorial Day weekend! I am backtracking a little to last weekend to share about my dad’s first ever 5k! He has been doing the Couch to 5k Program, and I promised him that we would do a 5k together when he finished. For his first race, he did great! He finished in 32:10. I ran with him the whole time, which was a great experience. He came in 4th for his age group! He is already plotting how he is going to get into the top three in his next race. I think he is hooked!


For his first race, I wanted to pick one that would be really fun, so he would enjoy himself and be motivated to keep racing. I chose a race from the Run the Vineyards series. We ran around a vineyard in Pennsylvania and then enjoyed ourselves at the onsite wine festival.


The scenery was beautiful, and we got to run right through the vineyards. The only problem was that running on grass is more challenging. I think my dad would have had an easier time running on the road. Part of the race was on a trail, though, which was much better.


Look at him go! He is in the neon yellow shirt!

After the race, we got a nice wine glass. We needed a glass because each finisher received six tickets for the wine festival. You could use those tickets for small tastings or towards a whole glass. My dad and I did a little of both. (My favorite was the Merlot.)

0518141001The only problem was the lines for the tastings. Many people just got a full glass so they didn’t have to keep getting back in line.


Overall, it was a great race and a wonderful experience. I am glad that I have converted my dad to running. He is already talking about the Turkey Trot when I come home for Thanksgiving! It was also nice to not think about PR’s or anything like that. I was just there to help support my dad.

Have you helped anyone else pick up running?




16 thoughts on “My Dad Ran His First 5k!

  1. Congrats to your Dad! I have helped me mom and sister both run each of their first races (My sister did a half and my mom a 5k). I helped make them training plans and they both did great! Unfortunately they didn’t stick with running after their races but I will keep working on getting them back into it:)

  2. So awesome – I remember my first 5K, I was 46 and it was a life-changing experience for me! I am the only runner in my family – wife can’t due to bad joints and arthritis, but I hope to get one of my boys to run a race with me (they are 16 and 17) … someday! 🙂

      • Thanks! My wife’s joint problems go back to her teen years and things that seemed a good idea at the time, so that is nothing new – we still can hike and bike … which is awesome. Running is just one thing we can’t do – so she is always at the finish line of races as my #1 cheerleader. 🙂

  3. Yeyyyy Congratulations to your dad! It always makes me smile to big to myself whenever I hear about someone picking up running! Kudos for spreading the running happy 🙂

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