Another 5k in the Books


The district I teach at had a 5k this weekend. It was perfect weather and a lot of fun. This was a low key race that was mostly about supporting the kids and families of the school community. They had a contest among the kids to design the shirt, and…this is the first medal I actually “won” at a race!


This was my coworker’s first 5k. She did great! She has been doing the Couch to 5k program. I ran with her at a local park near our school a few times. She plans on running another 5k, so I consider that a successful running convert!


She didn’t have anyone to watch her son, and I didn’t want her to miss her first race, so I agreed to push him in the stroller during the race. This was a family race and a very small race. I just started out in the very back. I had never run with a stroller and was a littler nervous. It was not as bad as I expected at all. Today I am feeling a little sore in my arms and quads, but it was worth it. I loved how he was sticking his head over the side to feel the wind! There was one point on the course where I had to do a direct pivot around a cone…that did not work out. I ended up having to pick the front wheel up to spin, but we made it!


Even with the stroller, I placed first in my age group! That has never happened to me! It was a small race, but I feel like I earned it with the stroller. Regardless, it was worth it to watch my friend cross her very first finish line!

Who out there has pushed a stroller in a race or while running? Any tips?


23 thoughts on “Another 5k in the Books

  1. Running with a stroller is a tough workout, I’ve only done it a few times with friends’ kiddos, so I don’t have any good tips :(. Congrats on winning your age group with the extra challenge!

  2. Congratulations! That’s so awesome and you did it with a stroller!? Running with a stroller is ridiculously hard. I take my daughter out in ours and it kills me every time. No tips because I’m still learning, but I might have to check back for some!

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