Friday Five!

Not a whole lot to report on the running front this week. I had to back off a bit due to a lovely stomach virus. (One of the many perks of being an elementary teacher!) I thought I was ok to run today, but the fatigue is still hanging around, and my appetite is nonexistent. On to happier things, though! I thought this would be the perfect time to try and linkup with the ladies at the DC Trifecta!

dc_linkupSince the theme is up to you, I am going to share things I am loving right now!



It has an insane amount of room inside. There are hooks for jewelry, places for snacks, and all sorts of pockets. The best part, though, is….

0520141535aThere is a compartment for your shoes! I love it! It was great when I was coaching middle school track and had to change clothes right at school. It is made by Thirty-One and is called the All-Pro Tote.

2: Stridebox


It is a subscription box for runners. It is $15 dollars a month and quite the value. The products are worth way more than that each month!


It is nice to get to try one of something. Much of the time, products are sold in packs. I have had great products every month. I have gotten to try chia seed energy gels, Quest peanut butter cups, protein bars, drink mixes, and more. Sometimes bigger items come in the box, too. I have received a running belt and running sleeves. It is also something fun to look forward to each month and to spice up your running routine with new products.

3: Field Trip to a Wildlife Refuge


I went with my school’s third grade for their yearly field trip. They went to a wildlife refuge, which was really cool. We saw vultures, owls, bald eagles, deer, foxes, swans, turtles, and more! The only downside was when I found a tick on the way home. I freaked out since I had just read the Runner’s World article about Lyme Disease. Luckily it was not on me very long. It was very small and easy to pull off, which makes me think it had barely bitten me. I freaked out and threw all my clothes into the washer on hot, including my bookbag. Then, immediately took a hot shower and scrubbed all over like a maniac. To top it off, I combed meticulously through my hair. Knock on wood that I hit all the bases.

4: That there is only one more week of school until summer!

summer vacation

5: This Random Meme

running meme

What are you loving lately? Ever found a tick on you before?





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