The Time I Fell Down

Today had all the makings of a fabulous long run. For once, the weather was a beautiful 65 degrees with low humidity. I was feeling great and hitting amazing splits. I literally was just thinking how awesome the run was. Then…I tripped over a tree root. Yes. There was a tree root in the middle of the sidewalk. The sidewalks in south Jersey are treacherous. I usually run on the shoulder for this very reason.  However, there were cars parked all over the shoulder today. Since I try not to run in the middle of the road, I took to the sidewalk.


Here is one of my lovely, scratched, bruised, swollen knees.

I had started out running with another girl, but she was not going as far and had taken a different turn. I usually have my phone with me, but I did not today. I was five miles out on a nine mile run. As soon as I hit the pavement, I started hysterically crying. Not so much because it hurt, but because I was ridiculously shaken up. No one was around, and I was bleeding all over the sidewalk. After a short pity party, I decided to continue with the run because I knew there was a park just ahead. Surely they had sinks to wash off in.


Nope. No sinks. At this point I had to run 4 miles to get back to the running store. I could’ve walked, but running would get me there faster. So…I ran back. As soon as I got back to the store, I ran to the bathroom to rinse out my wounds as best as I could. Luckily, someone had a first aid kit in their car. We cleaned the scrapes, put on neosporin, and bandaged them up the best we could.


Clearly we aren’t the best with gauze. The shoulder scrape is by far the worst.

Lesson learned today: Bring the phone. Even if your running belt gets sweaty on summer days.

Don’t worry, though. I am fine. I did not break anything. I just have some scrapes and bruises.

Have you ever taken a nasty spill while running?



14 thoughts on “The Time I Fell Down

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  2. Ouch!!! I’m so sorry this happened to you!! Definitely did not sound like a fun experience!!! You’re tough! Great lesson, too!! Glad you’re okay!! XOXO!!

  3. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😦 I’m sorry. I can tell even with the gauze that the shoulder is bad. I hope you’re feeling better today! I have taken one really nasty spill, ripped my running tights and tore a chunk out of my hand. Definitely shook me up too!

  4. Oh nooooo! I can only imagine how scary this must have been. Thankfully, you are alright! I am afraid to jinx it, but then the chances are very high that it’s bound to happen one day lol, I haven’t took a bad plunge YET! I hope your scretches heal up soon and don’t ruin your tan 😀 xoxo Olena

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