Fastest Mile Yet and How Does One Run in Las Vegas?

ImageLet’s get the craziness out of the way first. Today, I ran the fastest mile of my entire life. I have NEVER gone under an 8 minute mile in my life. Must be all this summer relaxing. It is a whole other game when you don’t have to go to work all day! Sometimes being a teacher isn’t so bad! 🙂 

I was trying to do a 3 mile cutdown. I ran my one mile warm up, then I think I went out a little too fast. Miles 1 and 2 were about the same. Then, I went for a strong finish on the 3rd, followed by a mile cooldown. I went out early because I had an early doctor’s appointment. (Thank you Crohn’s Disease.) It ended up being the perfect temperature, though.




After the appointment, I rewarded myself with a nice, dark coffee from Starbucks. Oprah added some inspiration, too. The only courage you ever need, is the courage to lead the life you want. Well put, Oprah. I wonder if they went through her old talk show footage to find all these, or she just sat down and spit them all out on the spot for Starbucks. 

In other news, I am leaving for Las Vegas tonight! I am tagging along on my boyfriend’s business trip. Another bonus of being off for the summer! It is going to be insanely hot, but I saw that the hotel charges for the gym. WHAT? WHO DOES THAT? I am super cheap, but I also do not want to have a heat stroke on vacation. I think I might try this route. I will just have to get up early. 

Also, no worries, I am healing quite nicely from my lovely fall.

Any advice for running in Las Vegas? Any Oprah fans out there?



16 thoughts on “Fastest Mile Yet and How Does One Run in Las Vegas?

  1. Congrats on your fastest mile! That’s great, especially since you ran it in the middle of your workout!!

    Your question about running in Vegas caught my eye. I was in Vegas in January and I ran down the strip to the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign which was fun. I blogged about it here: . I’d recommend that run, especially if you do it earlier in the morning before the sidewalks get crowded and the temps get too hot.

    Also, you might want to double-check with your hotel about their gym policy. The hotel where I stayed (Palazzo) had an outrageous “spa day pass” for something like $30/day but use of the actual basic gym equipment was included in the cost of the room. This wasn’t clear until I asked at the front desk as we were checking in.

    Have fun in Vegas!!

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