The Long Run Fail Streak is Over!

I finally got a good long run in this weekend! I am very excited!


It has been a rough couple of weeks for long runs. About a month ago, I got the stomach flu and could barely make it two miles. No long run that weekend. Then, I tripped and fell on a root. I still finished the nine miles, but I wouldn’t say it was a great run by any means. Last weekend, I tried to run in Vegas, but it was WAY too hot. This weekend, it was a perfect day for 11 miles. I went to a local park nice and early in the morning. The park is by a river, so I also got a little breeze off the water to keep me cool.


Please note the man showing off his gut!

I also had a friend visiting from Ohio to help cheer me on. To celebrate, we took the train into Atlantic City. It was both of our first times. We had a blast.


First, we hit up the beach. It was crowded at first, but eventually thinned out.


Next, we headed to Steel Pier to check out the boardwalk and rides. There was a sand castle contesting going on, too.


I bought some amazing salt water taffy. It was out of this world.


We checked out the rides and then went to dinner. It was too dark inside to take a picture, but the food was fantastic. We had a feta and red pepper twist on bruschetta, served with warm pita bread. Then, we split some chicken and waffles, gourmet style. Surprisingly awesome.

We completely lost track of time, and had a total of 10 minutes to spend in the casino before we had to run to our train. It was worth it, though. Hopefully the curse of the long run is broken!

Do you ever have a streak of bad long runs? What do you do?




17 thoughts on “The Long Run Fail Streak is Over!

  1. Yum!! Feta + red pepper + pita bread!!! I love the combo!! So happy for you, too!! Glad you had a great long run!! Man, that can be so frustrating!! I had a few weeks of that while training for Shamrock Half Marathon!! It was very frustrating but feels oh so good when you break free from it!! XOXO!!

  2. Yay for breaking fail streaks!! I’ve had my fair share of those so I know how frustrating they can be 😦 BUT what a fun trip to Atlantic City. I’ve never been either and it def makes my travel list of places to visit one day!

  3. Looks like some good times right there! And Ohio people are awesome! 😉 It seems like all my runs are crappy lately due to the Texas heat and humidity. I keep pushing through though!

  4. I have started running longer distances (over 15 km) only a few weeks ago. I love the way I feel right after, but I am still kind of dreading these runs. It sounds like you had so much time with your friend. I can’t wait to get out on a beach too!!! xoxo

  5. I’ve definitely had a bad long run or two in my day! Hooray for breaking the streak and it sounds like an awesome weekend too! (That sand castle is awesome!)

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