Giveaway Winner and HILLS!

Happy Monday! Here is a little motivation to get your week started off right!

motivational quoteAnd…the giveaway winner for the tasc Performance shorts is….Tammy M! Congratulations!!

short pocket

I hope everyone had a great weekend of running. I am out of town for my sister’s wedding shower and bachelorette, so I tried a new route. I guess I should have paid more attention to the elevation chart before I ran…It was HILLY! I didn’t quit, though! My legs were definitely feeling the burn the next day!


It was an unexpected hill workout, but I feel really good about how it went. It was also in the rain! Hope everyone as a great week!

How often do you run hills?





8 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and HILLS!

  1. Way to go! I love rain runnin! I haven’t been doing hill repeats since I’ve been doing track workouts, but I make sure to push through hills on my runs when I come across them however.

  2. Nice job with unexpected hills and rain! Those are my two least favorite things while running so congrats for not giving up. I just ran a half marathon that unexpectedly ended with a hill and I’m still a bit grumpy about it!

  3. I love warm rain, and our area is fairly hilly so I have built-in daily hills. But I try to do a run up the large (1500ft) hills in our area every couple of weeks to really push it! But at least I know what is coming! haha

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