How to Not Become Obese on a Cruise

0805141201aLast week I was lucky enough to go on a cruise to the Caribbean with my boyfriend’s family. It was amazing. We went to Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, and The Grand Cayman Islands. While I definitely enjoyed myself and relaxed, I didn’t want to completely sabotage my marathon training. Here are some tricks for how I stayed healthy!

1. Take advantage of the gym

I kept up with most of my workouts. I just had to complete them on the treadmill. (The track on deck: 1 mile = 14 laps – NO WAY) I only took one extra rest day, which was the day we flew home because we left at the crack of dawn. I downscaled my long run, mostly because it was on a treadmill and the boat rocked some. One day I almost fell off the treadmill! They had tons of equipment and also offered some free classes.

2. Try a lot of different foods in small portions

Cruises are notorious for all you can eat. I tried to stick to healthier options and focused on small portions. Luckily, Carnival marks its healthier meals on the menu. These included lots of delicious meals. This also includes scaling back on the sugary alcoholic drinks. I had one token margarita. Other than that, I focused on champagne and other white wine. The champagne made me still feel luxurious, but with a fraction of the calories. 

3. Book physical excursions

I got to do and see a lot of cool things. We chose a lot of physical activities that kept me moving and away from the unlimited buffet. 

IMG_20140805_105509_182I got to go scuba diving for the first time ever. The breathing was tricky at first, but I was really pleased with how quickly I caught on. We went down approximately 30 feet, since it was for beginners. I definitely got some exercise swimming.

0806141149(2)I hiked all the way to the top of these super cool Mayan ruins. My heart was pounding! I loved seeing these ruins. I was obsessed. Apparently the rest of my boyfriend’s family isn’t as fascinated with history as me…I mean check out this view from the top. Unbelievable.

0806141202aI also went snorkeling and fed stingrays. This is definitely a creation for tourists. But I TOUCHED and FED a stingray. That is still cool even if it is cheesy.

0808141342fAll in all, it is important to enjoy yourself, but stay true to your healthy self. I don’t feel like I need to do a major cleanse to recover my old self. I don’t seem to have gained any weight either. I still feel like I had an amazing trip. The worst part is that others will judge you. They will say it is vacation and that you don’t need to work out. They may just want to feel better about not working out themselves. I definitely scaled back my workouts, but there is no way I could have cut them out completely!


Also, remember to enjoy the awesome towel animals every night. 

How do you stay healthy on vacation while still enjoying yourself?



14 thoughts on “How to Not Become Obese on a Cruise

  1. This is awesome! Looks like you had a blast! Great pics! I’ve only been on one cruise – Alaska. I did many of the same things – I ran on the treadmill, but I also ran around the deck – it was too beautiful passing the glaciers and mountains and whales not to! Luckily we had lots of seafood along the way, so that helped. Also, like you, we did physical excursions. Most memorable was the sea kayaking. Amazing!

  2. I do much the same things you do. I can’t completely skip workouts! We went to Maui last year for our anniversary and the first morning there I went for a run, and we also brought a DVD so we could work out in our room. We didn’t go as hardcore as usual, but we wanted to make sure we kept moving!

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