Warning: Emotional Post

Sorry that I haven’t been commenting on all of your lovely blogs, it has been a busy couple of months!  Last weekend my sister got married. And with that, be warned, that this…is an emotional post.

10557369_10100513956703660_6251146906958350837_nIt was a great wedding and everything went off without a hitch. The wedding also really got me thinking about people and relationships. Have you ever taken one of those personality tests? If not, it’s definitely very informative. (Here is one.)


That’s me rocking the maid of honor speech in the bottom picture.


Anyways, my personality always comes out as INFJ, which basically means I am a huge goal-oriented, type A “go-getter,” but I am somehow an introvert at the same time. (Complete explanation here.) Apparently this is a rare combination. So…where am I going with this?

Maybe, it was the the fact that the groom’s siblings were the complete opposite (extreme extroverts), but the wedding really got me thinking about how I process emotions. Afterwards, I thought, why can’t I be that person that cries at a speech or during a song? That just isn’t how I process my emotions.

Today I am feeling a little reminiscent about the weekend. As soon as I got home to New Jersey, all of the emotions slammed into me like a semi going full speed, and then the tears came. I know people think that the inability to show emotion on the spot is cold, or heartless, but some people just take longer to process emotions. Maybe sometime in the distant future I will be able to show that feeling right there on the spot, instead of feeling the regret that I didn’t say or do the right thing, but then I probably wouldn’t be me. For now, I’ll just do the best to show those I love that I care in my own time and way.

Anyone else out there an introvert or have trouble processing emotions?




9 thoughts on “Warning: Emotional Post

  1. Totally get that – I have spent literally decades working on more immediate processing of emotions. It really isn’t fun having someone ask how you feel about something and saying ‘I don’t know’ … and it is really true!

    Congrats on your sister’s wedding! Love the pics!

  2. Oh yes, I completely get this. To the extent that I sometimes worry that people are judging me for being cold and unfeeling…things like weddings and funerals often leave me feeling overwhelmed so that the emotional ‘me’ just shuts down. Especially if there are lots of people there, that makes it harder!

  3. I felt the same way during my wedding! I cried a bit putting on my dress and during the first look with my husband, but didn’t cry during the wedding or reception. It wasn’t until the day after when I was sobbing while reading wedding cards that I was able to really show emotion! I think it’s hard for me to process things as they happen and I can’t really do it with people around. I usually feel things strongly when I’m at home alone. It sounds like a lot of people feel the same way!

    • Haha and I want to add that my wedding tears were happy ones! I cried reading cards because I couldn’t believe all the amazing things people wrote us and I just felt so much love from both of our families. Plus I was sleep deprived and about to fly 13 hours to Alaska so that made me more emotional haha

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