New School Year, New Perspective

0828140822Today I am enjoying one of my last lazy mornings of summer. On Tuesday I officially go back to work. We have professional development on Sept. 2, and the kids come the next day. While I love resting and recovering over the summer, I also love teaching. I am ready for the new school year. I have a fresh perspective and a new theme for the year: Simplify.


First, I have a simpler look. I chopped off all my hair. I have wanted to go short for a LONG time. At first it felt weird, but I am finally feeling like this is me. It is easy to take care of, which is what I wanted. With marathon training and back to school business, there just isn’t a lot of time for hairstyling…

0824141315I am going to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the simple things. I want to be outside as much as possible. There might be some reduction in blogging, so please forgive me! Last year I felt like I took on too many things. I need to prioritize. I will NOT join every extracurricular activity. I CANNOT! I am really not sure how I survived last year! I am in charge of the schoolwide reading incentive program. I do not need anything else. Maybe by Spring things will have settled down, and I will be able to coach track again. We will see. One day at a time! Also, I am not going to sign up for every single race on the planet. I am keeping it to no more than one race a month, with the exception of the required Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. I really burnt myself out last Spring on races. Not going to do that again.

0827141608I am also going to have FUN! Much like these awesome Adventure Time leggings my boyfriend got me. All fun and no play makes Amy a very dull girl. I am not going to get so bogged down with school, running, and blogging that I forget to have fun.

So, here is to a wonderful new school year! What is your motto/theme for the next year?






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