The Philly 10k!

0906140713This morning I ran the inaugural Philly 10k! It was a great race, but the heat and humidity were intense to say the least. This race is unique because it is through all the little neighborhoods of Philadelphia. They gave us this great commemorative print of the race route. I am definitely getting it framed.


I have not done a race since the Spring, and I haven’t done a 10k since last Fall. Apparently I have gotten quite a bit faster. My last 10k was 1:02. This 5k was 0:54!!! That is an average pace of 8:35. I am so happy with this time, especially considering the heat. I was careful to not go out too fast, and I think it really worked. I am getting much better at my pacing.

0906140929After the race, there was a little “festival.” They had a beer brewed especially for this race. It was an IPA. It wasn’t my favorite, but I usually prefer wine over beer anyways.

0906140940aThey also had custard from the Shake Shack with cannolis from the Termini Brothers. I feel like I am getting all of the token Philadelphia experiences through my races. Seems like a good plan to me!

0904141834I really feel like I am starting to get the hang of this racing thing. The speed work and recovery runs are really helping me get better about judging my pace by feel and learning how to control my pace. The only bad thing about a 10k on a Saturday is that I still have my long run tomorrow! I am taking it slow and easy, though. Pacing is a beautiful thing.

How do you practice pacing yourself?






15 thoughts on “The Philly 10k!

    • This was the first year, but they said they are planning on making it an annual thing. I would definitely recommend it! They did great for their first year. I can only imagine how awesome it will be when they work out the little kinks!

  1. Ahhh so jealous! I really wanted to run this race, but obviously couldn’t do it because I’m so far away now. Boo. But congrats on your PR! It sounds like you’ve been doing awesome lately!

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