Life Moves Pretty Fast

I cannot believe it is October already. Where did September go?! School is already in full swing, and I have already been observed! (Don’t worry! It went well!)

fall_wallpaperMarathon training is moving right along as well! I am up to 19 this weekend! Woohoo! On another exciting note, I got some free workout gear to review from Victoria’s Secret. They sent me their Incredible sports bra and their Knockout Capri.

0902141555bThe bra is super supportive, but it is a little tricky to get in and out of. The capris are awesome. They are my new favorite. They are thicker than many capris, which I really like. They are similar to compression, but not full compression. Speaking of thick…they even held up to another one of my falls….


This one is not nearly as bad as my last fall. I just have a huge bruise on my knee. I was actually really worried about ripping the capris, but they actually held up to the fall surprisingly well. Thank goodness! I was also worried about spraying myself with my pepper spray…


I have been feeling a little nervous running in the dark these days, so I invested in some pepper spray. Between the nervousness and the fall, I think the neighborhood around my apartment might be too dark for early morning runs. There are not many street lights. My headlamp wasn’t even enough. I am either going to have to switch to the gym or go after school. (At least until daylights savings time!)

How do you feel about running in the dark?


These products were provided to me for free by Victoria’s Secret, but all opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Life Moves Pretty Fast

  1. Hey!! OMG, love that outfit!! Wow, so adorable!! Also, running in the dark can definitely be scary. I totally jump at every sound I hear, but luckily, usually I’m running with my husband, so I feel pretty safe. Definitely be careful running in the dark alone. Happy Friday!! Have a fabulous weekend!! You’re lovely!! XOXO!

    • Thank you! The pepper spray definitely makes me feel better, but I think I am going to switch more of my runs until after work. I might give into the treadmill in the mornings in the winter. I just don’t want to miss this great fall weather!

  2. Cute sports bra! Although I can see while you’d feel like Houdini getting out of that thing. I have a vest that has disco lights on it (well not really, but they flash) I also run with a headlamp. As for pepper spray, I need some. I’ve been running trails quite a bit and get super nervous sometimes. I feel you. 😦

  3. Nice! It is so dark now in the mornings. Especially with no moon, and streetlights seem to sparse here too. It is scary, especially cause I can’t see where my feet are landing. It’s also freaky when you see a random dude walking at 5:30 am…seriously? Good idea on the pepper spray. Can you use it on food too?

    • Haha! I have seen some random dudes at 5:30 am, too. Definitely a little creepy. I’ve started seeing a “power walker” pretty regularly when I am finishing, which I thought was an interesting choice of time. I am thinking the pepper might be a TAD too potent for food. πŸ™‚

  4. Hmm, I wish I could carry pepper spray but it’s illegal to carry it here in the UK. Apparently we should be content with being attacked and not be able to defend ourselves!

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