Trying New Things!

1007141616This week I tried hemp hearts for the first time ever! I am all about chia and flax, so I figured these would be right up my alley. The kind folks over at Manitoba Harvest hooked me up.


First, I tried the hemp hearts with strawberries in plain Greek yogurt. They added a nice crunchy texture. They taste similar to both a nut and a seed. I was surprised at how much flavor they packed. While they have a similar crunchy texture to adding granola,they definitely do not taste anything like granola. This would be an acquired taste for me, but worth it because of all the protein and Omega 3’s in these little guys.


Next, I made hemp butter, which was AWESOME. I used this recipe that I found online. I spread the butter on my toast in the morning for a protein packed breakfast that kept me full through most of the morning. I definitely preferred the hemp hearts in this form. If you would like to try some hemp, use the code HHSweatPink at Manitoba Harvest’s site.


If that wasn’t exciting enough…I am also trying out the Handana! It is a sweat band that you wear around your hand. It can be used to wipe sweat, or according to the company…snot. I took the handana for it’s first spin today. I barely noticed it was there. It was too cool outside to really be sweating, but I think it would be perfect for on the treadmill. I will gave that a try soon. It is something I probably wouldn’t purchase on my own, but if you have a real sweating problem and hate carrying a towel, this would be perfect for you!

Have you ever eaten hemp? Any recipe ideas?


Manitoba Harvest and Handana provided these products to me, but all opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Trying New Things!

  1. I would so need that sweat band in the winter! My nose is always running! I usually just wipe it with my gloves but them they get all gross and I need to wash them all the time. Or I use my sleeve when I’m not wearing gloves. Sweat doesn’t bother me so much (not enough that I need to wipe it off)

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