I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends

IMG_754632939633001This morning I ran a beautiful 17 mile route in Philadelphia. Do you ever run parts of your race route? We decided we needed to prepare ourselves for the dreaded hills we will encounter in the Philadelphia Marathon next month. We got to try out the brand new Schuylkill Boardwalk. It was beautiful. I only wish it was longer!

IMG_1408I ran with my trusted running buddies. It is amazing that we all run about the same pace. Running partners share a very unique bond, especially ones training for the marathon. Most of my friends don’t understand why I wake up at 5:45 am on a Saturday to spend three plus hours sweating in the heat and pouring rain. These people get it. We run in downpours, we have our own lingo, and we know more about each others’ bodies than we ever should. You usually can’t shout “code brown” to your friends without them thinking you are completely disgusting. Anything happens on the long run. And no one wants to be the one that bails because of weather or cuts the run short. They make me a better runner and a better person.


Although, they definitely test my kindness when they plan out hills like this at the end of our 17 miles! I have always contemplated trail running, but today’s Wissahockon Trail was no joke. Check out that elevation change. If it wasn’t for my buddies, I might have quit, but they kept me going. Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends.

How do your running buddies affect you as a runner?




16 thoughts on “I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends

  1. That was smart to run part of the course! I had run part of the Baltimore course before the race this weekend and I think it helped mentally to know what the ups and downs of it were. I really don’t remember Philly being so hilly, but maybe I was just so caught up in first marathon bliss that I didn’t even notice! I hope I feel the same way this year!

  2. I have prerun a few of my races before and I think it does help with getting a faster time. It also gives you a chance to really look around and enjoy the race route because I know when I am in a race I hardly notice anything other than the ground. lol.

  3. That’s one spooky looking elevation profile! Great run!
    I used to fly solo for so long and now I LOVE running with friends. Having so many friends out this past weekend at my half made all the difference!

  4. AHHHH you’re amazing!!! Can’t believe your marathon is coming up!! I really wish I could run parts of my races in training runs! Unfortunately I live in suburbia where they don’t hold many races (other than 5Ks). You rock!!!

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