Not Every Idea is a Good Idea

1025141148This weekend was full of running. Probably too much running. This weekend was the first of two 22 milers in my training. 22 is the farthest I go, though. Then, the taper begins. We went to Philadelphia to race parts of the course. While in theory that seemed like a great idea, the roads weren’t closed like they would be for the race. Stopping at traffic lights and running around outside restaurant seating got to be a pain downtown. At one point we even ran through a flea market. I almost stepped on a ceramic plate. There were also plenty of hills. The weather was great though, and the run was pretty good overall.

Now, you would think I would have stopped there. I had a 10 mile race scheduled long before I really knew what marathon training entailed. It is a great race that I didn’t really want to miss. I was going to run 12 before the race to make my total 22, but two of my training partners convinced me to do the 22 on Saturday, do the race slowly on Sunday, and then just take Monday off. I should have gone with my gut. I bet you will never guess who didn’t show up at the race Sunday.


NOT the race bailers!

Oh well. The race course was beautiful, and the weather was amazing. I had plenty of friends running, so I wasn’t lonely. I didn’t go as slow as I probably should have, but nothing hurts too bad. Just a little soreness. Tomorrow I will take a needed rest day.


At least there was an awesome hoodie and some of the best post race food of my life. They had a full buffet of grilled chicken and vegetables with a coffee bar. While this wasn’t the ideal way to work the race into my training, everything really turned out fine in the end. Next time I will listen to my gut though. After all, you’re the one who actually has to live with your decisions.

How do you work races into your training? Ever get any bad training advice?



13 thoughts on “Not Every Idea is a Good Idea

  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend of running! Just listen to your body this week and take it easy (If only I had listened to my own advice last week…) It will be a huge confidence booster to know that you ran 32 miles within 24 hours when you’re running the marathon. You also trained your body to run on tired legs. When is your next 22? If its next weekend I would just make sure you take this whole week REALLY easy. If its in two weeks then you will have plenty of time to recover before it. At this point, I would say you are fully trained and keep your focus on staying healthy!

  2. Hey, I was at the Perfect 10 miler too!! 🙂 Great job! I agree the weather was perfect! And it was so nice to have hot chocolate (right by the coffee) at the end! I Love the purple hoodie shirt too!

  3. Honestly I think I jammed too many races into my training earlier this year when I should have just stuck to a plan. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. That post-race buffet sounds amazing!

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