Another Day Closer

Not too much to report in the land of marathon training. The taper has begun, and boy, am I ready. The last 2 speed workouts were intense – longer than I have ever done for tempo paces. On Tuesday, I ran 7 miles at an adjusted tempo pace of 8:30ish. Then, today, I ran 9 miles easy, then 9 miles at 8:30ish again. I surprised myself at how easily I ran these workouts. I guess there really is something to this training thing!

One of my running buddies was talking about running a 4 hour marathon. We are all right there on the edge. I think it would be awesome, but I don’t want to psyche myself out too much. I don’t want to be disappointed. Finishing my first marathon should not be disappointing at all. Instead, I will think about this hilarious video one of my other running buddies showed me from Buzzfeed. Enjoy!

Do you stress yourself out with time goals? How do you cope?


6 thoughts on “Another Day Closer

  1. Haha that video is too funny! You should definitely just be focused on finishing and not feel bad about hitting a certain time. Maybe you can set A,B,and C goals? I feel like its so hard to determine a reasonable marathon goal for such a long distance. So much can happen over 26 miles!

    • Fartleks and tempos made a big difference for me. I started out with fartleks with rests in between as short as 200 m, and kept slowing increasing over the training cycle all the way to 9 mile tempo runs. It also made a HUGE difference when I started making the days between my hard workouts actual easy runs at a slow pace. Recovery is really important!

  2. Your training has been amazing and you are so so so close. Just try not to stress too much about times and enjoy it. But I totally understand. I definitely stress out about time goals (And then I try to pretend like I’m not, but really I am).

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