Non – Running News!

Today’s post is short, but very sweet! I cannot believe the marathon is one week away exactly. It doesn’t quite feel real yet. I am both nervous and excited at the same time! If that wasn’t a big enough life event…I also got ENGAGED!

1102142143Two weeks ago, we went on a nice little hike in the Leigh High Valley. He planned out a cute trail, that led directly to this waterfall.


And, that’s where it happened! He couldn’t get down on one knee because of all the rocks! So begins the wedding planning madness! For now, though, I am going to enjoy being engaged and my first marathon!


Have a wonderful week everyone! Enjoy every moment!




21 thoughts on “Non – Running News!

  1. Ahh congratulations!! That is so exciting and what a way to lead up to your marathon!! I think Ive mentioned this but I got engaged right before my first marathon, which was Philly! Your ring is beautiful! Good luck as you begin your wedding planning and hopefully all the excitement of the engagement is distracting you from any pre-race nerves:)

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