I Ran a Marathon


I did it! Less than a week ago I ran my first marathon. It was amazing. I can barely believe it actually happened. It was actually a whole week of festivities.



Don’t worry, I shared most of this!

My lovely coworkers wanted to make sure I was carb loading to the max. They made me this awesome cookie cake and brought me some delicious apple pie.


I stayed at the Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia. It was extremely convenient because it was less than a mile from the start.


Mandatory pre race photo.

I walked on over to the start, waited for about 45 minutes. Then, it all started! It was perfect weather. When we started it was 35-40ish. The race was a little congested at the beginning, but after 5-6 miles, it started to thin out. At mile 9 there was a big hill, and I was impressed how easily I went up it. After that, I was on an adrenaline high for a few miles. Then I hit some rolling hills in Manayunk from approximately miles 18-20, which was the hardest part for me mentally. Then, once I hit that home stretch, I felt good. I am really pleased with how the race went. I finished in 3:54! I am so happy that I finished under 4 hours. I really feel like I pushed myself as hard as I could and am really proud of myself.


The Fab 5 first time marathoners, as we like to call ourselves.

After the race, we walked to a local bar to celebrate. It was a really great time to celebrate. I had my running buddies by my side, but my mom, sister, and brother-in-law also came to visit.


My mom isn’t the greatest at taking clear pictures…

In my mind, there isn’t a thing I would change about my first marathon. Although, only time will tell if I can ever bring myself to train for another one. Never say never… 🙂




12 thoughts on “I Ran a Marathon

  1. Holy cow that’s an awesomely fast time! Congrats on your first marathon! I’m seriously considering doing the Philly Marathon next year – did you like the course? Was it a good choice for your first?

  2. Wow congrats on such a good race! It sounds like you had a really great first marathon experience! Give it a couple more days and I bet you will be itching to run another one:)
    Sorry we didn’t get to meet up! I was so out of it after I finished. I was trying to text you to see if you were around but I entered the wrong # into my phone…twice! And we were staying at the same hotel! Oh well, maybe another time:)

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