Ugly Sweater Run

This week I was just easing back into running, so it was perfect for the most laid back race on the planet… The Ugly Sweater Run!


You basically wear ridiculous Christmas clothes, drink hot chocolate, and sort of run 2.6 miles. (Yes, it didn’t even end up being the full three miles!) Sometimes it is nice to just mess around with running and not worry about anything but having a good time with your friends.


We were a little disappointed with the cut backs from last year. There was not much fake snow, I only saw one pile, and there was not hot chocolate at the water stations this year. There was only hot chocolate at the end. Last year we got two beers, and this year we only got one. Oh well, it was still fun! The people you are with is what really makes it fun, anyways.


There were fun decorations along the course. You can’t really tell, but that is an inflatable reindeer behind us. The best part though, is the other people’s costumes.


I think this woman really loves cats….


These guys had a really hard time running in the gnome/elf costumes. We actually saw one fall off the edge of the sidewalk and roll into the leaves right after this picture was taken.


Running in a full suit is impressive!

Next year, we are thinking about just organizing our own low key unofficial Ugly Sweater Run. We can make hot chocolate, and we might even rent a snow machine. Then, we won’t even have to drive into Philly!

Do you have any fun Christmas runs?

14 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Run

  1. Sounds fun – and that is the whole thing, right? I bet if you could hook up with a local charity you could have a great fun-run!

    I did an ‘elf run’ for charity last weekend, it was great πŸ™‚

  2. I was at this same run! Sadly I didn’t have any friends running with me and my husband came to watch, but he was so cold and miserable that I just felt really bad the whole time. I’d do it again if I had friends that wanted to, but otherwise I was not impressed.

  3. I did this race last year and loved it! This year in Anchorage we have a serious Christmas race (Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis) but everyone wore awesome costumes and it was way more fun than the Ugly Sweater Run. And we had 2 inches of real snow on the ground! But less inflatable Christmas decorations which was a real minus. Nice outfits though!

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