Not Everyone is a Great Running Partner

running partners1

I’m slowly easing back into higher mileage after the marathon. Long runs are a great time to catch up with friends. Until…you have the long run “crasher.”

Now, I am very open to having new people join the group. The more, the merrier! I try to be friendly most of the time. Some people can make that a little harder than others, though. While most people are great to run with, sometimes you get a ….what should I call them…a dud?

Many times you just stop running with someone because paces are off or your schedules don’t match up. Occasionally, though, you just meet someone that doesn’t mess with the group. Maybe there are a lovely person, but it just isn’t working out. They just aren’t for you.

running partners2

Here are a couple of pet peeves of mine when it comes to running partners:

  1. They don’t go the pace you agreed upon, not even close. In fact, they zoom off ridiculously fast. This group is not for you, buddy. Either go slower or find faster friends.
  2. They never stop talking. You seem to get in a rhythm with your running partners. Sometimes talking trails off as the run goes on longer. Other times, it just goes in little spurts. I suppose this one is negotiable. It really depends on how close you are to the running partner. Some people are great to talk to for hours. With strangers, though, it can be horribly awkward.
  3. Telling me your intimate life story before I know your last name. I do not know if I can handle the messy details of your divorce or last gynecologist appointment within the first five minutes of knowing you.

This may or may not have happened to me this weekend. I really promise that I am not completely heartless. Long runs just become infinitely more unbearable with a bad running partner. An hour can seem like three.

Now the hard part comes. Do you sacrifice the pain of an excruciating long run just to be polite? I’d like to say I have the answer to this conundrum, but usually my buddies and I just show up 15 minutes early the next couple of weeks to avoid the situation all together.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?


12 thoughts on “Not Everyone is a Great Running Partner

  1. Amy, sounds like a tough situation to be in. I’m not sure I could deal with someone constantly talking to me during a run. I need peace of mind. I like to get lost in myself. I run with my husband lots; although not always, but I’ve never run with many other people. Have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO

  2. Haha this is why I run alone! I recently went to one of the pub runs that’s hosted by the local running store, and my coworker offered to go with me. It’s a really chill, untamed 3 mile run that ends at a pub. I told her I’m running like 12:00/mile on the ice and she made a face but said okay (I should have known by the face that it was not going to go well) and agreed to go. We get to the run, and within the first 10 seconds she’s halfway down the block! She kept sprinting ahead and coming back to get me, and I was really frustrated by it, especially when she felt the need to cheer me on as I caught up to her. Afterwards she was like “you’ll probably be sore tomorrow!”. Um hold on, that was a 3 mile run which I do all the time. This is NOT my first time running! I’m just slower than you! I was so weirded out by it and will probably never do that again!

  3. Since I don’t run with people I can’t really relate but I think these are some of my fears of running with others! Unless I knew them well enough I would worry that we would be forced to talk the whole time or that I would have to change my pace significantly. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your run- it should still be enjoyable!

  4. I don’t run with anyone else because I do a walk/run method and I don’t know anyone else that follows the same sort of style/pace as I do. I’ve thought about group runs but I’m afraid my run/walking will make me feel out of place.

  5. The main reason why I really don’t like running with other people is because I really don’t want to talk when I’m running and I’m afraid that I will be in a situation where someone else won’t stop talking. Don’t get me wrong. I like talking to people. Just not while I run.

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