The Broad Street Run and Running Friends

              Matching team singlets!

Last weekend, I joined 40,000 people to run the infamous Broad Street Run 10 Miler in Philadelphia. I love seeing the whole city and the energy the race brings, but I think I am going to have to cross it off the list for next year.


This is what 40,000 people looks like, for your reference. I just cannot handle that kind of crowd, I decided. Several fights broke out as people tried to make it to the start corrals. People went through a man’s yard and he came out and threatened them. We made it to the start corral, literally with minutes to spare. I was actually a little scared for my safety. Now, I can say I have had the experience twice, cross it off the list, and move on.

Overall, the race was a pretty good race for me. Last year, I ran the race at an average pace of 9:22. This year I ran a 7:40 pace. I wanted to be able to run it at a 7:25 pace, but I am trying to focus on the positive, the improvement from last year. It was close to 80 degrees when I finished. I had been doing great keeping the 7:25 pace for the first 6.5 miles, but then I had to stop for water, and that has never happened to me. Then after getting the water, I never really got back down to 7:25 again. It was hard because we never really got to train in heat. The heat came out of nowhere that day.

TAOLife-Comarison-is-the-thief-of-joyAlso, I tell myself this all the time, but yet I never really listen. I train with one woman who is just a bit faster than me. We are great during training, even most (not all) speed workouts, but then she always smokes me at the races. She was able to pull off the 7:25 pace, but I wasn’t. It is a catch 22. Training and racing with her brings out the best in me, but it can also leave me a little disappointed when I compare myself to her. I need to remember to run my own race. I am working on it…


On the plus side, training buddies make for the greatest friends. Even though the marathon was over six months ago, our core training group still gets together. Our Cinco de Mayo celebration was pretty great last week. It’s funny how similar our lives can seem, even though we all are such different people. There are few people I would rather spend time with than these guys.

How do you keep from comparing yourself to others?



10 thoughts on “The Broad Street Run and Running Friends

  1. Congrats on Broad Street! It’s incredible that you were able to improve that much in a year! And I’m crazy jealous of your running friends. I’m starting to get a few, but nothing like that yet!

  2. I can’t even imagine going to a race and seeing fights break out. Yikes!

    Sounds like you still ran an amazing race, even if it fell a bit short of your expectations. For me, I’ve just come to accept that every gain I get in running is way more hard-fought for me than it would be for a lot of other runners. I don’t have a ton of natural ability so the best thing I can do is just compete with myself. That’s really the best kind of competition anyway. And if you look at it that way, you’re killing it! 🙂

  3. Wow – that is a major pace decrease! Clearly, you’ve been putting in the miles/work. Congrats! I don’t have a lot of advice on the comparing piece. I do it a lot. I try to remember that at this stage of my running, I’m lucky to be running at all and this helps.

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