What I’ve Been Up To

Well, for starters, I am getting married in 20 days. So that is coming quick! The only thing really stressing me out right now is RSVPs. The deadline was forever ago, but some people seem to think that doesn’t apply to them…It makes drafting a seating chart a bit of a pain. Otherwise, things seem to be coming along!
ring making 4

We took a little trip to Boston last week, which was a ton of fun. We did all the fun touristy things, including putting my foot on the Boston Marathon finish line. More importantly, though, we made our own wedding bands! We literally sculpted them from a hunk of gold.

ring making 2

It was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of work. We worked on the rings from 10 am to 6 pm, with just a thirty minute lunch break. Now I understand why rings cost so much. The sculpting and carving is no joke.

ring making 6

It was worth it, though, because now we have one of a kind rings!


In other news, I am the worst at running in the heat. I feel like I am dying every single time. This week was particularly hard, and I didn’t really use common sense. I had a speed workout on Wednesday, which I did in 90 degrees with 95% humidity. That was dumb. I learned from my lesson, though. On Saturday, I had some alternating tempo miles at the end of my long run. I actually started early to avoid the heat, ran the first five miles easy so as not to overexert myself, and was actually able to successfully complete the workout as a result. At least I learn from my mistakes?

In other news, I have a summer cold. Womp. Womp. Better now that the wedding, right?

How is your summer running going?



6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. I love that you made your wedding bands! Such a lovely memory for you both. RSVPing to weddings – so frustrating when you don’t hear back from people. We ended up calling people that we didn’t hear from.

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